Advance Measurement System

Put superior proactive glass care in your disaster recovery plan. Glass Doctor® of Jackson AL offers the Advance Measurement system to cut the time between broken panes and full restoration. Sign up to receive a professional survey of your facility, so you know your needs before any incident occurs. When you work with our team, we strive to ensure a first-rate experience.

Creating Your Plan

Once you enroll in our Advance Measurement System, our team will spring into action. We survey your establishment, noting every pane. Our expert will take measurements and note safety regulations of every pane. We assess standard door and windowpanes as well as custom glass installments. Simply refer to a complementary diagram when reporting emergency glass damages.

Industry-Leading Emergency Glass Repairs

Contact Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL immediately after glass damages occur. Our experienced glass specialists match reported pane numbers with our on-hand supply. If panes are available, we arrive for professional replacement and eliminate the need for unsightly board-up. Create an Advance Measurement account and gain complete, timesaving installations all on your terms. Supply credit and contact information to expedite all pane replacement orders.

In-Stock Glass Replacement Options

Pre-order replacement glass panes using the in-stock program at Glass Doctor of Jackson AL. We'll keep a supply of glass panes ready for an instant, emergency glass repair.

Advance Measurement System Advantages

Proactive glass care from our industry experts protects your professional and commercial financial interests. Advantages include:

  • Savings: Gain complete, one-stop installation
  • Security: Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Appearance: Eliminate door and window board-up
  • Convenience: Enjoy minimal disruptions to daily business
  • Liability: Minimize potential injury

Serving Thomasville, Grove Hill and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Jackson AL delivers proactive glass care specific to your needs. Call 251-262-6441 or complete an online order request to protect your investment today. We'll discuss the best preemptive glass solutions.