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Indow Window inserts
These attractive and economical inserts provide all of the benefits of double-pane windows. We install them without removing your current windows, reducing the time and cost involved. Indow Windows provides your home with custom comfort at an affordable price.

Windows are important part of your home, providing beauty and visual interest as well as insulation. You may have thought you’re stuck with your home’s current windows because replacing them would be too costly and involved.

Glass Doctor® of Bozeman installs Indow Window inserts without removing your existing windows. These inserts give you the substantial insulation and savings benefits of double-pane windows without the hassle and expense of replacing your existing windows.

They offer the following benefits and features:

  • Tight seal around the window frame
  • Patented Compression Tube to hold the Indow Window securely in place
  • Low-profile design that almost disappears
  • Keeps damage-causing moisture and condensation away from single-pane windows
  • Lower cost than double-pane windows
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction

Our specialists help you through the transformation process, delivering a solution that is right for your home and wallet. We’ll provide you with upfront pricing so there aren't any surprises when our work is done.


Glass Doctor of Bozeman will utilize Indow Window's innovative laser measuring process to ensure a perfect, draft-free fit for your windows. Over time, your home settles, and most window frames change shape. We’ll be able to measure to ensure that your Indow Windows fit exactly, with a tight seal and uniform compression.

Creating your inserts

You won’t have to worry about one-size-fits-most windows. Each Indow Window is custom cut to seal out drafts. 


Your Indow inserts are easy to install. In most cases, we can complete the job in just a few hours. 

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed glass specialists today. He or she will come out at your convenience and help begin your window transformation project.