Industry Glass Solutions

Businesses depend on glass to keep their premises safe, energy-efficient, and attractive. When you need commercial glass repair and replacement services, turn to Glass Doctor® of Humble for the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We offer glass repair, replacement, and upgrades, as well as door closer maintenance and around-the-clock emergency services. Our Commercial Care program allows you to seamlessly and quickly receive any type of commercial glass repair service you need while also providing several additional benefits. You'll receive priority after-hours response and discounts on all services, including auto glass jobs called in by the property.

Commercial Glass Care in Humble

Our commercial glass repair specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in serving many types of businesses, count on our team to care for your business.

Apartments and Condominiums

apartment windows


An investment in new windows makes your property look more attractive and up to date. This improved appearance will appeal to current tenants as well as prospective ones. We'll also make your common areas, including pools and fitness centers, safer with mirrors hung with special backing and glass that breaks into rounded chunks rather than sharp shards.


Glass is easy to clean and sanitize, so it's the ideal surface for many restaurant uses. Create additional seating with an outdoor dining area equipped with partitions, windbreaks, and glass tables, all made from safety glass. Glass also helps divide seating areas inside your restaurant, cutting down on noise while still letting the area retain an open appearance. Our specialists will install the glass products you need in a new location or retrofit an existing one for an upgrade in appearance as well as function.

Schools and Universities

Safety is a top concern at any school, and we offer one-way observation glass for offices, as well as fire- and bullet-resistant glass that's ideal for any school or university building, including dormitories. Living areas will also benefit from safety glass in shower and tub enclosures, mirrors, and sliding glass doors.


Display your wares to their best advantage with gleaming display cases and shelves that offer a panoramic views of each item you'd like to highlight. And we'll respond quickly when you need a repair or replacement for damaged glass windows and doors, even at night or on the weekends, so your premises will remain safe and secure.

Hotels and Motels

Energy-efficient windows will reduce your cooling bills in scorching Texas summers and make your rooms more comfortable for guests. They'll also protect your furniture, flooring, artwork, and other decor from fading, so you'll need to replace them less often. Lowering your overhead costs allows your business to spend more on guest benefits, which ultimately increases return business.

Cities and Municipalities

Government offices need to operate smoothly for the many citizens that come through the door on any given day. Our door closer maintenance program will ensure that you have the right type of closer to accommodate the size and weight of your door. We also replace inefficient, single-pane windows or those that have broken seals with double- or triple-pane options, enabling your office to spend less on energy costs. Finally, we understand your need for quick service, so we expedite your purchase orders. Call Glass Doctor of Humble to find out more about our commercial glass repair and replacement services. Whether you have a single restaurant or several apartment complexes, we'll keep your glass looking great and offering the high level of protection and energy efficiency your business needs.