Door Closer Repair Service

Glass Doctor® of Humble professional experts will make sure your business has top quality door closers installed correctly. Our door closer experts have experience working with a variety of doors, including glass doors, heavy doors, and other common commercial doors. The variation of door closer options are meant to make it easy for customers to enter a business, but only if the closer is properly maintained and installed. Trust our team to supply regular maintenance and resolve door closer issues.

Common Mistakes with Door Closer Installation

Door closers are important for commercial businesses because they support the doors and protect the walls surrounding them from normal wear and tear. The springs within the closers act as a resistance when opening and closing the door, giving patrons and clients the impression that the door is solid and stable. This impression can give the opposite effect if not attached to the door correctly and can also cause expensive damage to the door or door frame.

Common mistakes with door closer installation include:

  • Improperly installed door closers
  • Wrong size door closer springs
  • Misaligned door closers against door frame

Door closers are made to suit specific door weights and sizes, so some that are installed without meeting the weight requirements do not work properly.

Door Closer Repair Solutions

The experts at Glass Doctor of Humble troubleshoot and fix a variety of problems that can arise from non-professional installation and door closer repair. Not only do our specialists work to ensure your door hangers are installed and working correctly, but they'll check for door frame damages and other problems that could have arisen from the poor installation.

Hardware Repairs

A common fix for door closers are the hardware repairs. If a closer is not maintained correctly, it can have a broken seal which can leave gaps or cause leaks. Another common repair is oil replenishment; door closers need lubricants to work properly, without proper lubrication, the closers will cause the door to open or close too quickly causing harm to the building or potential injury.

Mechanical Repairs

Door locks are a common mechanical repair needed from door closers. If the mechanical locking mechanism is not locking in place correctly, it can be a potential security risk for your business including intrusions or theft. Make sure your team is safe and your business is secure by hiring Glass Doctor of Humble to ensure your door locks are installed and working properly.

Door Closer Repair Solutions

Glass Doctor of Humble specializes in installing and repairing door closers for commercial businesses. With excellent customer service and door closer repair solutions, there is no better company to call for door closer installation or repairs. Find your door closer repair solutions from the Glass Doctor of Humble. Our specialists repair and maintain a variety of interior or exterior doors. Call to schedule a consultation with our specialists in Humble today.