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St Croix Valley

Clear Choice Protectant

Glass Doctor® St. Croix Valley is the company to call when you have any glass emergency. Our team responds with exceptional emergency glass services; we're available 24/7. To help your most vulnerable surfaces withstand any ill treatment, we can add a solution to make that will make them hardier. An application of Clear Choice™ glass treatment will protect your glass, stone, and porcelain fixtures for up to five years.

Reduce Harmful Bacteria with Clear Choice

Bathrooms and kitchens should be the cleanest rooms in your home, but standard fixtures in these rooms quickly collect grime and germs. To make your home more sanitary, opt to add Clear Choice to your countertops, sinks, bathing areas, toilets, and glass surfaces. In addition to preserving the appearance of your furnishings, it repels airborne contaminants, mold, and water-based bacteria that threatens the health of your family. Clear Choice reduces the amount of work needed to keep those frequently used surfaces clean by making them resistant to soap scum, oils and hard water stains.

Five Years of Protection

Make your most-used surfaces scratch- and stain-resistant for as long as five years once a Glass Doctor St. Croix Valley specialist treats the area. Porcelain and stone fixtures and counters will have a shinier, glossier appearance. More importantly, the treatment leaves behind a barrier that repels environmental pollutants, hard water, mineral deposits and can reduce the appearance of aging caused by harsh weather. In addition to the benefits of a Clear Choice glass treatment, the ingredients themselves are environmentally friendly.

Choose our Treatment

Clear Choice glass treatment will protect your property's interior and exterior surfaces. Glass Doctor St. Croix Valley experts apply the treatment during a quick service call, so you never have to worry about the inconvenience of a long appointment. We recommend Clear Choice treatment for auto windshields, too. The solution will increase the driver's visibility during inclement weather. We proudly serve Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls and other nearby St. Croix County communities. Call 715-245-2345 or contact Glass Doctor St. Croix Valley today!