Clear Choice Protectant

Ensure all the features in your bathroom stay looking brand new for longer with a single application of Clear Choice™. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Houston can add the glass treatment to a variety of surfaces, including windows, sinks, toilet and countertops, keeping your home protected from damage for up to five years. Clear Choice is ideal if you want to shield your bathroom from soap scum and other waste products, especially after you've installed a new tub enclosure, shower door or other feature.

Reduce Time Cleaning

It can take hours of hard work scrubbing every surface to make your bathroom shine. Worse yet, you need to use harsh cleaning products that are bad for your health and the environment. Clear Choice, however, creates a barrier against water- and oil-based substances, allowing you to simply wipe surfaces clean. You'll also need to clean less frequently to maintain a stunning appearance in your bathroom.

Protect Surfaces

Mineral deposits and other pollutants can irreversibly damage features. Our glass treatment keeps all types of surfaces safe from scratches and stains, including granite, tile, porcelain and other silica-based materials.

Various Benefits of Clear Choice

In addition to making cleaning easier and providing protection from scratches, stains and other damage, our glass treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Protection from hard water, which can lead to irreparable etching.
  • Improved aesthetics, through a glossy sheen across all surfaces.
  • It is environmentally-friendly. Clear Choice reduces your reliance on chemicals to clean your home.
  • Not only does Clear Choice ensure your home appears cleaner, by preventing mineral deposits, it reduces the growth of mold and bacteria.

Keep your home looking beautiful for years with an application of Clear Choice. Contact the Glass Doctor of Houston team for a free consultation or ask about the glass treatment when our specialists install your new shower door.