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Home Glass Services

Glass Doctor® of Baldwin County offers a full range of home window repair and replacement services, in addition to providing new and replacement glass for home decor items such as tabletops, mirrors and doors.

Our team of specialists is fully trained in the installation and repair of all the items we sell. We pride ourselves on offering fantastic customer service, appointments at times that suit you and clear, up-front pricing that enables you to make an informed decision about your window repair and glasswork.

As an extra bonus we are proud to introduce the Advantage Plan®, a members-only service plan which offers priority scheduling, discounts, free inspections and extended breakage guarantees on our work for the length of your membership. To join our Advantage Plan call Glass Doctor of Baldwin County today.

Window Repair and Replacement in Daphne

window repair

We ease the process and costs of window repair. If your windows are broken our specialists will install panes without replacing the entire window frame. We also offer a 24/7 emergency hotline if you need a window boarded up at short notice.

Should you decide you want to upgrade your windows, Glass Doctor of Baldwin County offers a full range of modern insulated glass units (IGUs). These windows contain two panes of glass separated by a spacer, which seals the gap between panes. IGUs are far superior as insulators than older windows.

The IGUs prevent heat from moving in or out of your home. Upgrading your windows to IGUs can reduce drafts, increase the value of your home and decrease your heating and air conditioning costs.

Glass Doctor of Baldwin offers a full range of different window options including:

  • Single-sealed windows: The most basic IGU has a tape seal.
  • Double-sealed windows: Because the seal is the weakest part of the window these double-sealed windows last about five years longer than a single-sealed window.
  • Double-pane windows: A standard IGU has two panes separated by a space.
  • Triple-pane windows: Three panes and two spaces means that both heat and noise transmission is significantly reduced.
  • Low-E windows: A Low-E or low-emissivity window has a special coating that reflects heat without stopping light. They reduce energy loss and protect your home decor from the fading effects of UV light.

Our Range of Glass Services for Daphne

We offer more than window repair and replacement to improve your home, other service help beautify and care for your space.

Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures

We provide a full range of shower doors and bathtub enclosures available in a variety of styles and sizes. If you want a unique shower, consult with our specialists to discuss customized enclosures.

Double Pane Windows

Condensation between your windowpanes is a symptom of a larger issue. Most likely the window seal has failed. Our specialists repair windows or upgrade your panes.

Emergency Services

A broken window is both a security risk and a health-risk for your family. We have specialists available to help you deal with a glass emergency at all hours.

Window Tinting

Damage from UV light reduces the lifespan of your furniture, curtains and carpets. Protect your home decor with our window tinting services.

Clear Choice Protectant

Protect your glass, granite or porcelain from staining and scratching. A single application of Clear Choice can offer up to five years of protection.

For more information on any of our services call our team today or fill out our online form.