Industry Glass Solutions

If you need commercial glass repair in Hilton Head, make an appointment with Glass Doctor® of Beaufort County. Our commercial glass solutions include custom glass repairs, replacements and retrofitted installations for businesses in every industry. Plus, businesses benefit from our exclusive Commercial Care program, designed to speed your window repair needs and lower glass care costs.

Commercial Glass Repair in Hilton Head

Residential Units

If you own or manage a series of apartments, condominiums, dormitories or other residential units, you need safe and durable glass that will protect your tenants and make your properties shine. From windows and doors to mirrors and glass tub enclosures, Glass Doctor of Beaufort County offers a variety of residential glass solutions.

Choose energy-efficient, wind-resistant panes for your window units. Ask us to customize decorative door glass for your clubhouse and install shatterproof glass partitions around your pool and fitness center. Our custom glass installations are easier to maintain than acrylic or plastic alternatives. If you ask us to add a coat of Clear Choice™ protectant the panes will also resist scratches and stains for up to five years.

apartment windows


Restaurants depend on high-quality, intact glass to attract new diners, pass important health inspections and present and protect their food. We will repair or retrofit your kitchen with glass cooking surfaces, install buffet sneeze guards that keep things hygienic and upgrade your windows or doors with impact-resistant commercial glass inserts.

Academic Campuses

If you run an academic campus in Hilton Head or the surrounding area, let Glass Doctor of Beaufort County handle your glass repair needs. We transform classrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, laboratories, bathrooms, dorm rooms, offices and more with custom glass repairs and replacements.

Our school and university glass options include decorative but durable hallway displays. We also install glass desktops and tabletops with custom dimensions and protective glazing for glass partitions in science classrooms. We repair windows, doors, mirrors and other glass surfaces to keep your place of learning safe and bright.

Stores & Shopping Centers

From individual glass storefronts to entire plazas and malls, Glass Doctor of Beaufort County has the glass solutions that your retail property needs to thrive. We install glass inserts for escalators, elevators, entryways, storefront windows, doors and more. Our specialists will etch your name and operating hours into impact-resistant door glass, upgrade your storefront with tempered shatterproof glass. Ask us to customize decorative glass for your countertops and retail office spaces.

Overnight Accommodations

Hotels and motels need commercial glass repair to ensure security and curb appeal. We'll repair or upgrade safety glass for your workout center and pool, build low-maintenance glass enclosures for your tubs and showers and install decorative mirrors over your guests' sinks and dressers. Our custom glass solutions will turn your rooms into retreats while lowering your maintenance needs and energy costs.

Government Buildings

Beaufort County's cities and municipalities rely on physical buildings and storefronts to keep their services and agencies afloat. From the City of Beaufort to the Town of Hilton Head Island, we offer commercial and industrial glass solutions for any government-owned property. As you work toward a brighter future, restore an older property with cost-effective, energy-efficient glass upgrades. We tint and retrofit sliding glass doors to resist wear and tear, install insulated double pane windows to prevent heat gain and moisture buildup. Customize impact-resistant glass storefronts to protect against South Carolina's hurricane-strength winds. Our specialists will even install bulletproof glass partitions in your police station or fireproof glass in your fire trucks.

Count on the Glass Doctor of Beaufort County team to fulfill your glass needs. Allow us to improve your space today!