Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Many homeowners appreciate the diversity in design custom glass tabletops bring to their homes. Refresh any piece without the need to deal with paint or stains. Use custom glass tabletops to enhance dressers, desks and coffee tables; the new addition will be easy to clean too! Glass Doctor¨ of Beaufort County creates custom glass tabletops in a variety of shapes, sizes and finished edgings. Unique, customized glass tabletops, and specialty glass shelving, provide a classic way to rejuvenate any piece in your home or business.

Professional Glass Tabletop Consultation

Glass Doctor of Beaufort County glass experts will provide a professional consultation. We will measure and fit the new glass, and examine the various specifications, edgework detail, thickness and glass tints available for any space or furniture, including:

  • Writing desks
  • End tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Dining room tables
  • Conference room tables

Our glass specialists will also cover the possible safety issues related to the use of heavier glass.

Protect Your Furniture

Graphic of different glass edges

You can trust that the professionals at Glass Doctor of Beaufort with the work. We carefully complete each step of the process to ensure you find the best custom glass tabletops to fit your needs. We offer a selection of specialty glass options to give your piece an additional layer of protection:

  • Tinted glass: Glass Doctor of Beaufort County offers the option of choosing the color of your new pane. The tinted glass blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps furniture from fading.
  • Safety glass: This type of glass is essential for any patio tables, poolside furniture pieces and other outdoor furniture. Our custom measured safety glass solutions include tempered and laminated glass and specialty glass used indoors for shower doors.

Custom Glass Shelving

Both home and business can benefit from the form and function inherent in custom shelving. Glass shelving brings style and a solid solution for reducing clutter, which will be difficult to match with store-brought options. Two advantages of custom glass shelving, include:

  • Visual appeal: Numerous shelving configurations available to create striking looks.
  • Function: Organizational and design solution for any space, including closets, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms.

Important considerations for your shelving project include:

Extra Protection for Any Glass Piece

  • Style and design: Creating ambiance
  • Height and configuration: Maximize space usage
  • Number and distance between shelving: Assimilate shelving into the space and ensure proper height between units shelving doers not overpower the room and position to fit the height of storage items
  • Glass, tinting and color options: several choices to reflect your personal style and needs

Servicing both residential and commercial customers, contact Glass Doctor of Beaufort County for your free professional consultation!