Door Closer Repair Service

Don't let malfunctioning manual door closers interfere with the success of your business. Glass Doctor of Beaufort County offers comprehensive door closer care services to ensure that your business doors remain secure and your customers are welcomed safely.

How Manual Door Closers Work

When manual door closers are functioning properly, they allow customers to open doors with ease, experiencing only a slight initial resistance. The door will then glide open smoothly as the customer enters the store, causing a spring in the mechanism to compress. Once the individual stops applying pressure to open the door, the energy from the compressed spring causes the door to close without assistance from the user. A hydraulic circuit within the closer controls the speed at which the door opens or closes.

Door Closer Care Services

Malfunctioning door closers not only pose a threat to the security of your business, they can cause significant injuries to your customers as well. Below are a few indicators that it's time to call Glass Doctor of Beaufort County for professional door closer care services.

Wrong type of door closer: A heavier door requires a door closer that is designed to handle the weight of the door. Installing the incorrect type of door closer could result in door closer failure, damage to your business door or frame, and injuries to users.

  • Improperly installed or adjusted door closer: When a door closer is not properly installed, the door may not operate correctly. You may notice that it opens or closes too quickly or too slowly, or it may feel heavier than it should. Call the experts at Glass Doctor of Beaufort County for proper installation and adjustment to prevent door frame damage, unexpected movements of your door, and misalignment.
  • Damaged seals and low oil levels: Damaged seals can result in clearance issues, hardware exposure and oil leakage. Lubricant leaks are sometimes caused by missing screws or broken O-rings as well. If you notice lubricant leaking or your business door opens or closes too quickly, it is vital that you have it professionally repaired by the specialists at Glass Doctor of Beaufort County as soon as possible. Failing to do so could cause damage to your door, your door closer mechanism, or even injury to your customer.
  • Difficult to lock doors: If your business door has become difficult to lock it should be addressed right away to ensure the security of your building and to prevent damage to the door frame, the locking mechanism, or your door closer.

Door Closer Care Services

Don't let an untrained person attempt to repair your door closers. Our specialists are highly trained to professionally install, properly adjust, maintain and repair business door closers. Contact Glass Doctor of Beaufort County today to schedule an appointment or to find out more about the services we offer businesses in the Beaufort County area.