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Clear Choice Protectant

A stunning bathroom usually requires hard work to maintain. However, homeowners that protect their pieces with Clear Choiceк from Glass Doctor of Beaufort County® can maintain their delicate furnishings with far less effort. Our surface protectant takes the labor out of cleaning by protecting everything from your tub enclosure to your sinks from scratches and grime.

How Clear Choice Works

Clear Choice is a patented system applied by the specialists at Glass Doctor of Beaufort County. The product creates a barrier against water and oils to prevent mineral deposits and weathering. When you finish your pieces with our product, the fixtures avoid staining and minor damage. Our specialists will apply the surface protectant to new and existing features in your bathroom. The product will shield stone, porcelain and glass. After a single application, you can continue to reap the benefits for up to five years. The ideal time to apply Clear Choice is right after we install a new shower door or change the windows in your bathroom.

Benefits of Our Surface Protectant

The main advantage of Clear Choice is that it avoids damage to surfaces and reduces cleaning needs by protecting against soap scum and other waste products. This also means you will need to use less harsh chemicals when you do clean. Clear Choice prevents mold and bacteria growth, so your home stays cleaner for longer periods of time. Our surface treatment also improves the appearance of granite, tile, and other materials by giving them a glossy shine. Finally, Clear Choice offers impact resistance, keeping surfaces safe from hard water etching.

Never again stress that your bathroom is not looking its best. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Beaufort County for a free in-home consultation to find out how we will improve appearances in your bathroom with an application of our environmentally-friendly surface protectant to your countertops, toilets, and more.