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Highland, MI

National Accounts Program

Enrolling in the National Accounts program with Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI, allows you to have access to nationwide glass repair services in more than 260 other locations throughout the United States and Canada. This option provides you with consistency and efficiency when addressing your own glass repair needs since you receive the same products and commitment to service regardless of location. 

Benefits of Our Nationwide Program

Standard Pricing

Avoid the uncertainty of purchases with standard pricing. While typical business accounts have to concern themselves with regional price fluctuations, members of our nationwide glass repair program receive the same consistent prices regardless of which Glass Doctor location they choose.

Competitive Pricing

Benefit from discounts ranging from 10% to 30% off our already competitive prices as a member of our nationwide glass repair program.

Centralized Dispatching and Billing

To book repairs with any Glass Doctor location, you dial one toll-free number. This makes ordering services and invoice payment much easier.

Emergency Response

If you are ever in need of emergency service, call any day at any time. Our glass specialists quickly respond to emergency calls to board up the broken area and clean up the site until a follow-up appointment is scheduled at your convenience. This process allows you to reestablish the security of your business quickly and painlessly.

Priority Response

The members of our nationwide glass repair program are our highest priority. Have your glass repair needs met quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.

Convenient Information

Our National Accounts members have 24/7-access to their business information, including work requests, status reports and copies of invoices. Easily track progress regarding your work orders at any time.

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Discover the many benefits of being a National Account member by discussing them with one of our glass specialists.