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Northeast GA

Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Completely renovate your bathroom with stunning new shower doors or a beautiful new bathtub enclosure. With years of combined experience, Glass Doctor® of Northeast GA has performed numerous bathroom makeovers in the Hiawassee area with expert attention to detail. Our glass specialists offer comprehensive guidance every step of the way, from preliminary design to post-installation maintenance.

In order to ensure the installation of your new tub enclosure or ornate shower doors is done correctly, there are a number of important factors that our glass specialists will need to examine, including:

  • Measurements: Glass Doctor of Northeast GA is available to perform a free, in-home consultation during a time frame that works best for you. Aside from receiving expert advice regarding the bathroom renovation you are planning, our specialists provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the entire job.
  • Configuration: Depending on the type of tiles and drywall your bathroom contains, certain shower doors or tub enclosures may be better options than others. Every bathroom is different and can handle unique weight thresholds that must always be taken into consideration. Locating the studs in the bathroom is also important.
  • Shower Heads: It's possible that your shower doors or tub enclosure will require a new shower head to be installed so water doesn't leak out onto the floor of the bathroom. For assistance in choosing, don't hesitate to speak to our specialists about our various shower head options.
  • Ventilation: Glass Doctor of Northeast GA will recommend upgrading your bathroom's ventilation system to make the best of your new renovation. With an upgraded ventilation system, mold, mildew and excess moisture won't become a problem. For help in this regard, our glass specialists provide complete steam room kit installation services for fully tiled enclosures. 

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Let your imagination run wild and browse a wide selection of creative ideas to enhance your new bathroom. Glass Doctor of Northeast GA provides many services to bring your ideas to life.

  • Shower Door Gallery: Glass Doctor of Northeast GA offers incredible rectangular, square and hexagonal tub enclosures to accommodate your own unique decorative taste. Both framed and unframed shower doors are available as well.
  • Shower Door Accessories: Select from a myriad of clear, heavy and colored glass patterns to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your newly renovated bathroom.
  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Get new ideas from our specialists regarding the best glass shower doors or tub enclosures for your bathroom. Gain fresh insights into how to remodel your bathroom to match the rest of your home.
  • Clear Choice Protectant: Keep your new shower doors or tub enclosures safe from hard water build up, mineral deposits, mold, mildew and environmental pollutants by choosing to have Clear Choice protectant applied to your glass surfaces. Tile floors, mirrors and windows can also benefit from this protectant.
  • Consultation: Schedule a no-obligation, free in-home consultation with our glass specialists to discuss options for your bathroom's renovation. 
  • Ordering and Installation: Our glass specialists will guide you through the process of ordering and installing your new glass enclosure. 
  • Vendors: Glass Doctor of Northeast GA uses the nation's best shower door and tub enclosure vendors including Cardinal and Agalite. 

When you are ready to begin the design and installation process, contact your local Glass Doctor for an in-home consultation. A glass expert will help you determine which glass shower or tub enclosure would be best for your bathroom, both in structure and style.