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Northeast GA

Door Closer Repair Service

Despite their size, door closers have a huge impact on your business, from its appearance to safety issues. The only way to ensure you receive adequate door closer care is to seek the services of a qualified professional. The Glass Doctor® of Northeast GA specialists are fully trained in repairs, maintenance, and installation. We will make your door operate smoothly so your business can be successful.

Purpose of Door Closers

Door closers ease the opening of doors, providing some resistance to ensure users are aware of the heaviness of the door. When a user releases pressure on the door, it glides shut, sealing to the frame. Door closers improve a building's safety in the case of fire, improve access for disabled users, and maintain climate-controlled air.

When to Seek Door Closer Care

  • Incorrect door closer: Installing the right type of door closer is essential to avoid injury to users and damage to your door and mechanism. A heavy door needs a door closer with strong springs to prevent misalignment.
  • Improperly installed or adjusted door closer: Only an experienced specialist with the right tools should install a door closer. If you try to fit a closer yourself, you may damage the doorframe or misalign the closer, which can lead to abnormal movements when opening and closing the door. Plus, seeking untrained support may void the warranty on your door closer.
  • Damaged door closer: Door closers can suffer from mechanical problems that lead to oil leaks and change the opening and closing speed of the door. If this is the case, call us at Glass Doctor of Northeast GA. One of our specialists will check if your closer is missing a screw or has a broken O-ring or seal.
  • Locking problems: Doors that are difficult to lock put you at risk for a break-in. Furthermore, locking problems suggest misalignment, which may lead to damage in the doorframe, door closer, or locking mechanism itself.

Count on Our Team for Door Care

For any type of door closer care, contact us at Glass Doctor of Northeast GA. Our specialists are familiar with all types of mechanisms and can expand the lifespan of your door closer while improving safety and security. Talk to our team about our complementary services, including assistance with doorframes, hinges, thresholds and glass features.