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Northeast GA

Custom Glass Solutions

Envision your Hiawassee home as an elegant, open, light-infused space; Glass Doctor® of Northeast GA brings your vision to life with custom glass design elements. Our wide range of custom glass decor options ensures you will enjoy the contemporary beauty of reflected light and seemingly more open space.

Glass Doctor of Northeast GA specialists offer the designs and custom looks you want, and we provide the workmanship and customer service you require. We customize glass decor to fit your existing decorating scheme, or help you choose options that open up your home to new design possibilities.

When you work with our specialists, you choose from a wide variety of glass tabletops, shelves, mirrors and door glass. If you want to invite the sun into your home, yet keep out harmful UV rays, we customize your glass decor with low-emissivity glass. Your options are endless, and it all begins with an in-home consultation.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Northeast Georgia customizes glass tabletops for your new or existing furniture. Our in-home consultants offer a number of choices: 

  • A variety of shapes and sizes
  • Custom glass edgework detail
  • Colored glass
  • Various degrees of glass thicknesses
  • Tempered or laminated glass for added child safety in the event of breakage

After you select your glass decor options, our specialists take accurate measurements to initiate the remodeling process.  

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have the power to transform and illuminate even the smallest areas in your home. They capture and reflect light to brighten dark corners. Glass Doctor of Northeast GA works with you to provide mirrored surfaces and accents that enhance your Hiawassee home with a look that’s right for you.   

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Glass Doctor of Northeast GA redesigns, restores, and replaces door glass with your choice of quality glass inserts. We upgrade your doors with tempered glass to make them stronger and safer. Transform your entranceways with decorative side windows that are beautifully coordinated to match your door. Our specialists work with a variety of manufacturers to ensure that our selection provides the features you want most in your home.

Low-E Glass Windows

At Glass Doctors of Northeast GA, we know that when it comes to glass for your home, function is just as important as design. That’s why we offer Low-emissivity window upgrades with a thin metallic coating that enhance and protect your buildings, both inside and out:

  • Reduces glare
  • Reflects the sun’s heat away from your building, while allowing sunlight to enter
  • Resists ultraviolet light that damages carpets, draperies, and other furnishings
  • Reduces incoming heat that makes climate control systems work harder
  • Saves energy costs

Begin your Glass Project Today

Glass Doctor of Northeast GA is ready to assist you with customized glass decor for your Hiawassee home. Schedule an appointment or call us for more information, at 706-896-2807.