Advance Measurement System

At Glass Doctor® of Northeast GA the Advance Measurement system provides commercial customers with the proactive glass care that they need to limit business downtime after a glass emergency. Through the Advance Measurement system you will eliminate many of the hassles associated with commercial glass repair and installation.

Our Procedure

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, one of our specialists will come to your site to survey your glass needs. We will mark the size, style and location of every piece of glass on a diagram of your business, taking note of any special glass safety codes that apply to your building.

After we complete our survey of your building and file it, if a piece of glass breaks, all you have to do is call us and refer to the location of the glass by number. We will quickly care for your pane without the need for the initial measurements, since we have them on file.

Benefits Of Enrollment

Emergency Service

Proactive glass care reduces downtime by supplying your business with a fast repair solution. The Glass Doctor of Northeast GA team is available 24/7 for our customers, so even if your glass breaks in the middle of the night, we are ready to provide service.

In-Stock Options

We are better equipped to provide proactive glass care when we know the sizes, type and style of glass that your location needs. The diagram of your building will help us determine quickly the pieces to pull from our inventory and the piece that must be ordered. If you want to ensure we always have the correct glass in-stock, pre-order panes with our team. We will store the glass until you need it for repair.


Count on the Glass Doctor of Northeast GA team to make repairing your broken glass simple. Make the call to request an appointment and we will arrive shortly. Because we have your most commonly used pieces of glass in stock, we are able to bring the pieces we need with us to your location and complete the installation in a single trip. This way your business can continue to operate without interruption.


Our speedy service eliminates worries about vandals and theft that occur when you have to wait for glass repair. We also preform glass clean-up to remove the danger of glass shards for your customers and employees.

Payment Pre-Approval

We create a line of credit during the measuring process that reduces billing issues.

Enroll Today

Proactive glass care is necessary for commercial sites. Contact us to learn more about our system.