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Hesperia, CA

Custom Mirrors

Experience the difference that new custom mirrors can make in your home, with expert assistance from Glass Doctor® of Hesperia, CA. If you've been considering enlarging a room in your home or if you would like more natural light, custom mirrors are the perfect solution.

Custom Mirrors for Every Space

Much simpler than enduring a home remodel, you can get a similar effect by adding custom mirrors to create a brighter and more spacious home. Our team makes the process of custom mirror design and installation effortless.

Fill Your Home with Light

You'll be amazed what a custom mirror can do for a dark alcove in your home. A previously un-used room in your house becomes much more inviting with reflected light from a new, completely customized mirror design. Consider these custom mirror ideas for your home:

  • A mirror pane on your coffee table: The mirrored surface reflects lamplight or natural light to create more illumination anytime. This creates a custom piece of furniture that illuminates the space while protecting the surface underneath.
  • Light up a backsplash: Brighten the kitchen with a mirrored area above the counter or cover the area above your kitchen cabinets.
  • Highlight your furniture: Place a mirror above a sofa, chair or entryway table to reflect light and bring more attention to the furniture piece.
  • Spotlight the fireplace: The natural centerpiece to a room is the mantle and fireplace. If you feel your fixture is dinging add a custom mirror to brighten the surrounding area.

Visually Enlarge Your Home

Mirrors really make rooms look bigger and visitors may comment on a new, open feeling, rather than noticing the new mirror specifically. Use these tricks to open up your space:

  • Enlarge your reading area: If your reading corner feels a little too cozy, you can open it up with a custom mirror that catches nearby natural light or illumination from a floor lamp.
  • Reflect a corner window: If you have a window near the corner of a room, create a mirror image by hanging a beveled mirror on the perpendicular wall.
  • Create a room with a view: If a room has no window, place a mirror so it catches the light and partial view from a nearby room's window. Alternatively, place the mirror so that it reflects part of the electric lighting of the space.

Make little-used rooms come to life or remake your entire home with custom mirrors. Contact Glass Doctor of Hesperia, CA for a free in-home consultation today.