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Storefront Doors

Your storefront glass is a critical component of your business' curb appeal. It is your first impression customers receive your first line of defense against natural or manmade disaster. Glass Doctor¨ of Henderson specialists provide an entire array of services for commercial storefront glass care that will make your business stand out from the crowd and stand up to the elements.

Door and Window Design

Our team will provide the expertise you need to create the perfect image for your business with customized storefront doors and windows. Different tints, cuts and shapes provide a unique look to every door or window. Low-emissivity glass can be used to reduce heating costs in your building and protect your displays from UV damage while still letting in natural light. Commercial storefront glass care includes imprinting technology used to put logos, hours and other business information you want to share directly on the glass. Our experts will make certain you get the look you want to make a great first impression.

Keep Your Business Secure

Large panes of glass in windows and doors are beautiful, but they can leave your business vulnerable. That's why Glass Doctor of Henderson offers a wide range of specialty glass and upgrades that will help keep your store safe and looking great.

  • Bulletproof and fire-resistant glass: To keep employees and customers safe from manmade crises
  • Hurricane-impact safety glass: To stand up to the worst weather nature can throw at you
  • Tempered safety glass: Designed to break into safe chunks to protect your people and inventory and make clean up easy
  • Security film: Tear-resistant film to make your existing glass safer and protect you from weather and break-ins

Emergency Repair Services

Even the best commercial storefront glass care plan can't prevent every break. When the glass in your doors or windows does break, our mobile teams are available 24/7 to provide expert clean-up, board-up and replacement services. For standard glass panes, we can often complete your repairs in a single visit. For custom glass, our teams will start by cleaning up all of the broken glass to protect your customers and staff from possible harm. We'll board up the damaged area if it can't be repaired immediately to make sure your premises is secure until final repairs are complete. Our aim is to get your business back to running normally as quickly as possible. Call Glass Doctor of Henderson today to set up your professional consultation for commercial storefront glass care. It's time for your business to make a great first impression.