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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

If you dream of a bigger, brighter, more modern bathroom that stays cleaner longer, you're not alone. Many homeowners want a bathroom upgrade to increase their family's comfort and to add to their home's value. A bathroom remodel could be an extensive undertaking unless you work with experts. Ask the Glass Doctor¨ of Henderson team to install beautiful glass shower doors. Custom shower doors designed and installed by our team will make your bathroom into a showplace.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors add visual space to your bathroom's shower area. The lack of frame will gives the illusion of an expansive, sparkling and uninterrupted space. Natural sunlight or fixture lighting can reach every part of the room, without being blocked by a conventional shower curtain. Add custom mirrors to magnify the effect. Best of all, frameless shower doors are cleaner than an old shower curtain.

Re-Imagine Your Dream Shower Space

Even though we use our showers every day, perhaps more than once, the experience need not be mundane or run of the mill. Let your imagination run wild. Glass Doctor of Henderson will assist you with design and technical parameters to ensure the new shower enclosure fits your space and functions optimally. Important planning details include:

  • Structural support: The location of your wall studs and the construction materials used in your shower area, such as drywall, dictate the maximum glass weight of your new shower enclosure. We walk you through all your practical options.
  • Pro measurements: Before materials are ordered, our glass specialists take exacting measurements and provide you with a free estimate for your new glass and installation.
  • Shower fixtures: To ensure every detail is perfect, we direct you to compatible showerheads and ensure proper positioning so that water stays within the shower, even when the glass door is open.
  • Comfort and airflow: We check your shower for proper ventilation and can install a steam room kit to improve air circulation and discourage mold growth.
  • Clear Choiceª: Make your new bathroom easier to keep clean by opting for a professional application of glass protectant. Clear Choice resists mineral stains and water spots, making tile and porcelain surfaces gleam so that they keep their just-cleaned look.

Bathroom Improvement

Bathroom Upgrades

Inspiration for your custom glass shower doors can be found in our:

Glass Doctor of Henderson is happy to offer a free bathroom design consultation at your home, at your convenience. Contact us today!