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Industry Glass Solutions

Local business owners trust Glass Doctor® of Henderson to deliver outstanding glass care. We offer a comprehensive Commercial Care program for our business clients, providing reduced prices on emergency board-ups, prioritized response times after-hours and members-only pricing. Our commercial account setup will streamline repairs or new installations as well. No matter the type or size of your business, partnering with our professional glass repair team will ensure unbeatable glass care.

Professional Glass Care for Henderson Businesses

Apartments and Condominiums

We will repair or replace sliding glass doors, custom mirrors, windows and decorative pieces to make your residents more comfortable. Invest in upgrades to on-site facilities, such as workout centers and swimming pool areas, to keep your rental property in outstanding condition. Our seasoned specialists will install safety backing for mirrors in locker rooms or new doors for gym showers. Entice residents to renew leases and new customers to sign up with updated units and glass care savings incentives, including 15% off all auto glass work.

apartment windows


Trust Glass Doctor of Henderson to handle all the commercial glass repair or replacement for your restaurant. Our experienced specialists will install new plate glass, custom mirrors, glass tabletops and custom glass for patio areas. We are also happy to install windbreaks, partitions and safety glass as well to accommodate your outdoor eating area. Improve the decorative appeal of your restaurant with tinting glass, atriums, sliding glass doors and beautifully ornate custom glass panes. We also provide sneeze guards for buffets and drive-thru windows.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Henderson has the experience and resources needed to keep your university or school looking beautiful. We will install or repair science laboratory glass, windows, doors, glass tabletops, one-way observation glass and more. We will install a new display case for your school's many accolades and awards. Invest in fire-resistant glass or our protective glazing solution to improve the safety of the education environment. We will install new shower doors or retrofit existing mirrors for student dorms and faculty living.


Increase curb appeal and overall traffic to your business by improving your entryway and interior glass. We will install or retrofit more cost efficient glass to increase indoor comfort while cutting utility costs. We will repair your custom glass shelves, dressing room mirrors, partitions and safety glass as needed. Ask about our business safety glass available in beveled, stained, etched and fire-resistant glass options.

Hotels and Motels

Our glass specialists will enhance the comfort of your motel or hotel rooms with ornate custom mirrors for bathrooms and dressers. Ask our specialists about shower door solutions also available in frame, heavy, frameless and bypass designs. We are happy to install new safety glass and perform preventative maintenance for pool or workout areas.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Henderson will take care of all your commercial glass repair or replacement needs. We will install more energy-efficient glass to reduce heating and cooling costs over time or simply retrofit an existing installation. For added protection, our bulletproof glass is an excellent choice. We will ensure purchase orders move quickly and custom glass care is performed with practiced attention to detail.

Experience Excellent Commercial Glass Care

Contact Glass Doctor of Henderson to discuss your unique commercial glass repair needs over the phone today, or simply fill out a service request online. No matter the glass care you require, our specialists have you covered.