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Double Pane Windows

Protect your home from year-round temperature changes and weather extremes. Glass Doctor® of Henderson knows windows remain the primary source of heat exchange and often experience seal damage and cloudy panes. Upgrade to insulated glass units (IGUs) to eliminate resulting drafts and excessive energy costs. We’ll replace your problem window or complete an entire double pane window renovation.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Increase energy-efficiency using insulated glass. IGUs minimize heat transmittance in every season, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home. Save valuable time and money on monthly energy costs and potential HVAC repair.

Individual IGUs consist of two or three glass panes, sealed and separated by an insulating spacer. Choose our warm-edge spacer or fill each spacer with a moisture-absorbing desiccant. Durable construction and insulation technology keeps you cost-effectively comfortable while reducing needless exterior noise.

Our experts complete double pane window installations using commercial-grade, industry-trusted sealant around the perimeter of each unit. In addition, we maximize insulation by adding argon or krypton gas between your panes. Enjoy all the advantages of insulated glass today!

Insulated Glass Replacement

Don’t stress about cost when you require an immediate window replacement. Glass Doctor of Henderson assesses your damage in an effort to perform affordable single pane replacements using your existing frames.

Serving homes and businesses in Clark County, Glass Doctor of Henderson delivers superior double pane window repair and replacement. Call 702-984-7166 or complete an online order request form to start a project or request more information. We’ll schedule a free consultation, complete with upfront pricing and accurate measurement services.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.