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Ensure your business is represented in the right light with storefront glass care and repair from Glass Doctor® of Helena, MT. We offer an array of solutions to bolster the aesthetic appeal, functionality, branding, and safety of your business. Our experts will guide you through the process and help ensure your storefront doors, windows, and glass is in optimum condition at all times.

Storefront Doors

In addition to performing standard storefront glass care and repair, we specialize in delivering unique decorative storefront windows and doors. We offer an expansive catalog of storefront glass care solutions to accommodate the unique style of your brand. Protecting your business from thieves, vandals, and unfortunate events are simplified with our top-quality, fire-resistant and bulletproof glass. It will fortify your business and keep it safe at all hours of the day or night.

If your business is located in an area that experiences unfavorable weather regularly, hurricane-impact safety glass is an investment worth considering. Take your business security one step further with tempered safety glass. Regardless of the how you choose to fortify your business, we will customize the glass to include imprints of your logo, name, hours of operation, address, and much more.

Security Film

Add a layer of protection to your business with security film from Glass Doctor of Helena, MT. Our innovative security film allows natural light to enter your business freely while protecting your business from thieves, vandals, and dangerous weather. In the event of an accident, the security film ensures the glass breaks into large, safer chunks, which are significantly easier to clean up.

As an active, around-the-clock theft deterrent, vandals and thieves are less inclined to attempt unauthorized entry into any storefront equipped with security film. However, if someone graffitis or defaces your business storefront, you will only be required to replace the security film instead of the entire window. This saves you time, money, and prevents glass from ending up in landfills, which is where it will remain forever.

Around-the-Clock Emergency Solutions

Storefront glass damage hardly ever happens at a convenient time. At Glass Doctor of Helena, MT, we understand this phenomenon and offer 24/7 emergency repair and maintenance services. Anytime your storefront windows or doors are damaged or broken; we will quickly arrive at your business to perform immediate repairs, clean up the debris, and schedule a convenient time to return to make the permanent repairs. Further protect your business by enrolling in our Advanced Measurement system, which is a proactive business contingency plan.

Trust Our Expertise

Ensure your business is protected at all times - even when you are away with Glass Doctor of Helena, MT. We offer several state-of-the-art solutions designed to bolster the aesthetic appeal of your business with dynamic branding and customization options. Choose the investment with a lasting return with storefront glass care and repair from Glass Doctor of Helena. Contact Glass Doctor of Helena, MT today to schedule a consultation.