Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Built to your specifications, and designed to match your custom decor, a glass tabletop or shelf from Glass Doctor® of Helena, MT can add the finishing touch to your room.

Glass Decor is Timeless

A glass tabletop protects your furniture, is easy to clean and never goes out of style. Glass shelves offer similar benefits, displaying your prized possessions in a simple and elegant fashion that draws both light and attention towards them.

Professional Consultations Help You Choose

Most of our customers have little experience designing a custom decor piece, which is why our consultants visit you at your home or work. We'll bring your vision to life. Our specialists talk you through all the details needed to create a beautiful, unique piece of custom decor. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of edgework details, thicknesses and tints.

Our consultants will also talk you through the different types of glass you can choose, including special options such as:

  • Tinted Glass: A piece of glass with a tint not only looks great but also helps block UV rays. These UV rays would otherwise cause damage and fading to your furniture.
  • Safety Glass: Laminated and tempered glass ensure children and family pets are protected should your table or shelf break. This type of glass is customarily used in shower doors and entryways, but it can also be used elsewhere if safety is a concern.

Practical Glass Decor

Graphic of different glass edges

Creating custom pieces ensure the tabletop or shelf serves your needs as well as design tastes.

Custom tabletops are particularly ideal for:

  • Antique furniture
  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Outdoor tables

Your custom shelves can be made to fit any room and any space, from your kitchen to your closet. You can configure both the look of the shelves and the distance between shelving to suit each situation perfectly.

Don't settle for a store-bought solution when you can have a custom decor piece. Contact Glass Doctor of Helena, MT today for a professional consultation.