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Your home is subjected to harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations throughout the year. These extremes can wear away at the integrity of your windows and cause seals to become less effective. Faulty seals and drafty windows are the number one source of temperature exchange that makes it difficult to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature within your home.

Glass Doctor® of Helena, MT can install quality insulated glass units (IGUs) that will help fight drafts, control the temperature in your home and lower your utility bills. Even modern IGUs can wear out over time, which is why we also offer affordable double pane window services. If you have noticed that your windows have a milky look or that condensation is gathering between the panes, you have a broken seal that needs to be replaced. With a simple phone call to our experts, you can have your windows replaced in no time at all.

Insulated Glass Benefits

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Insulated glass represents a unique product that is effective in both the heat and cold. During the winter months, IGUs will prevent heat from escaping through your windows and allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature without having to put your furnace into overdrive. When the summer hits and temperatures climb, IGUs will keep the heat outside, allowing your air conditioning system to run more efficiently. Not only will this save you money on your monthly utility bills, but it will also cut down on long-term HVAC repair costs and prolong the life of your system.

Each insulated glass unit is constructed of two pieces of glass that are separated by an insulated spacer. Depending on the unit, the spacers will be filled with either a special material known as a desiccant that is designed to absorb moisture or a warm-edge glass spacer. Both designs are thoroughly sealed and provide additional levels of energy-efficient insulation.

Finally, the entire edge of each window is covered in a high-grade sealant that will prevent condensation. As an added protection, certain units are filled with argon or krypton gas, which further increases the insulating properties of the windows. Glass Doctor of Helena, MT provides local residents with access to the absolute best products and materials on the market.

Insulated Glass and Replacement

In addition to IGU installation projects, Glass Doctor of Helena, MT also specializes in double pane window services. If your windows are showing signs of broken seals, you may not have to invest in having the windows completely replaced. Depending on your situation, our glass specialists may be able to install insulated glass in your existing window frames. This type of replacement will yield great results while costing you less.

If it is time to upgrade your windows, increase energy efficiency and add value to your home, then call Glass Doctor of Helena, MT. With just one phone call, you can schedule an expert consultation. One of our highly trained specialists will come to your home, evaluate your needs and provide you with the advice you need. In just one visit, our team can take measurements of your windows and provide you with an accurate quote that includes both the cost of materials and labor.

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