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When business guests enter your premises, you want them to feel welcome. An entryway door that opens smoothly and closes gently is a great beginning to the welcoming first impression you want to make. At Glass Doctor® of Helena, MT, we believe that a well-maintained door is essential to your overall business presentation. It's also an important factor in minimizing safety hazards. We perform door closer repair and maintenance, entryway upgrades, and a range of commercial services to keep your entryway attractive, inviting and safe.

How Door Closers Work

Doors that open and close effortlessly rely on a manual door closer to accomplish the process. A properly installed door closer allows your customers to push open a heavy door with minimal effort. After a customer enters, the closer eases your door quietly back into place. If your door jumps, hesitates or moves erratically, the problem is likely a malfunctioning closer.

Door Closer Repair

Our door closer repair and maintenance services won't void your warranty. Enlisting the help of an untrained handyman could repeal the product guarantee. Our specialists are professionally trained to provide an array of commercial entryway services. We install, repair, and maintain doors, hinges, windows, glass and many other commercial products. When you want an updated look, we remodel your storefront to make it more attractive.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Door weights vary, and the installed door closer must be capable of handling the assigned workload. A heavy entryway door requires a strong closer with a strong closer spring. A closer that isn't durable enough to handle your door's weight causes door and frame damage, misalignment, and safety issues.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Proper door closer installation and adjustment are just as important as choosing the right closer. We recommend the correct closer for your door. We install it using specialized tools, and we make required adjustments. We perform critical maintenance and repair services to ensure door closer performance and prevent problems:

  • Frame damage
  • Unanticipated door movements
  • Door and frame misalignment
  • Door closer malfunction

Seal and Lubricant Leak Repairs

Aging door closers have maintenance problems that reduce performance. Seals and O-rings deteriorate, and screws loosen with use. These minor conditions cause lubricant leaks, gaps, and closer malfunctions. Early detection and correction of these adverse conditions keep your doors functioning properly and minimize safety hazards that cause injuries.

Door Locking Difficulty

A faulty locking mechanism increases the chance of an unlawful entry into your premises. If you force your lock into place, it prevents easy access but may damage your door, door jamb, and hinges. The physical effort can cause injuries. When you have locking difficulties, we recommend immediate repair or replacement to prevent unnecessary safety and security hazards.

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At Glass Doctor of Helena, MT, we perform door closer repair, maintenance, and entryway services that enable your business to make a great first impression. We proudly serve a variety of businesses. Our team will work with you to determine the type of care your particular business requires. Schedule your free consultation with us today! Call us at 888-516-8133 or make an appointment online today!