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Glass adds functionality, beauty and contemporary style to your commercial buildings. When a mishap causes a window or glass door to break, it diminishes your building's overall attractiveness and puts your safety and security at risk. At Glass Doctor® of Helena, MT, we understand when glass breaks, you require speedy service, quality products and professional workmanship. We designed our Advance Measurement system as a proactive glass care plan to meet these requirements.

Our Proactive Solution to Glass Damage

Before an emergency occurs, we work with you to tailor a commercial glass care, recovery and maintenance plan. Our glass specialist inspects your building and measures all glass doors and windows. We record specifications, specialty glass requirements, and local building codes. We diagram your location then list and number each glass item. The information we gather enables our professionals to quickly respond to your glass emergency.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When glass breaks on your business premises, call us to report the item number from your inventory. We review the item specifications and check our stock When we have your replacement panes in our inventory, we can complete your repairs during our initial service call. When we must order your glass products, we clean up debris and board up openings to secure your building. When your panes arrive, we complete repairs at your convenience.

Proactive Glass Care Options

When we set up your Advance Measurement system, we offer flexible options to make your proactive glass care program more efficient.

  • In-stock option: We keep your frequently-broken items in stock. This option guarantees immediate availability and eliminates the need for ugly board-ups.
  • Pre-established credit and contact information: Paperwork is necessary, even during an emergency. We minimize the hassle by establishing your credit and contact information ahead of time.

Advance Measurement System Benefits

Our Advance Measurement system sets up a process for managing glass breakage emergencies before they occur. Our program includes a range of advantages.

  • One trip service: saves money on follow-up calls
  • Rapid emergency response: minimizes business disruptions
  • Debris removal: minimizes injury liability exposures
  • Restored Security: prevents vandalism, trespassing and theft
  • No board-ups: restores business image
  • Pre-established credit: eliminates paperwork hassles

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We designed the Advance Measurement system to give your business fast access to emergency glass repair when you need it most. To schedule your free consultation, visit our appointment page or contact us at 406-204-0211 for more information.