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Clear Choice Protectant


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After the time and expense of a bathroom remodel, you don't want your new fixture ruined by mildew and soap scum. Clear Choice™ glass treatment from Glass Doctor® of The Gulf Coast protects the beauty of your bathroom and makes cleaning your whole home much easier.

Surfaces without Treatment

A variety of surfaces in your home attract particles in the water. The longer those particles stay on the surface, the more damage they can do. Common examples include:

  • Milky soap scum on glass shower doors
  • Spotting on granite countertops
  • Premature weathering of tile surfaces

Unfortunately, without a treatment for these surfaces, the only way to keep them clean is with harsh chemical cleaners. The cleaners do remove the offending stains, but do so in a way that is damaging to the environment and potentially hazardous for children and pets.

The Clear Solution

Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast will protect every surface in your home with Clear Choice. One layer of product prevents damage from hard water and oils. Clear Choice treatment repels water and oil from silica-based surfaces, preventing the moisture from sticking to the material. Treatment prevents the moisture from depositing harmful waste products and minerals that cause damage or unsightly build up on your surfaces.

A single Clear Choice treatment lasts for up to five years, and you will be able to clean all of the treated surfaces without harsh chemicals or back-breaking labor. In addition, the glass treatment limits incidental damage, keeping your surfaces looking like new for years to come.

The Benefits

Homeowners find a Clear Choice treatment from Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast give significant protection for their home investments. The glass treatment includes benefits such as:

  • Fewer and faster cleanings: Most surfaces can be cleaned with only a moist rag.
  • Less mold and mildew: Without moisture on the surfaces of your bathroom, mold and mildew have no place to grow.
  • Better looking surfaces: The treatment limits incidental scratching and impact damage while preventing most etching and staining. The result is a clean surface that retains its natural shine.
  • Environmentally friendly: After treatment, you will no longer need the closet full of chemicals you once used to clean your home.

At Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast we have years of experience with glass treatment and Clear Choice applications. Contact one of our glass specialists and have a Clear Choice treatment added to your custom made glass shower door or bathtub enclosure. Call us today for a free consultation.