Glass Surface Protectant

When you upgrade your bathroom with a new glass shower enclosure, custom mirrors or other improvements from Glass Doctor® of Greers Ferry, AR, you’ll want those glossy, clean surfaces to stay looking new for years. With Clear Choice™ surface treatment you’ll get your wish. In fact, this glass surface protectant can preserve and protect all the silica-based surfaces in your bathroom for up to five years.

With a single, professional application of this advanced surface treatment, your bathroom tile, tub, sink, granite and glass will be rendered water and oil resistant. Besides preserving that "brand new" look in your bath, Clear Choice also repels dirt and bacteria, meaning you won’t need to clean often and you can skip the harsh chemicals.

Your Beautiful Bathroom is an Investment: Let Clear Choice Protect It

Bathroom surfaces are notoriously hard to keep clean and shiny, but not when protected with Clear Choice protectant. Our glass surface protectant makes it difficult for debris to stick to your granite countertop, glass tub enclosure or porcelain bathroom fixtures. This high tech formula fends off substances that mark bathroom surfaces, including:

  • Hard Water Spotting
  • Mineral Residue
  • Environmental Contamination
  • Wear and Tear

Advantages of Clear Choice Surface Treatment

When your bathroom is treated with Clear Choice, sticky debris won't adhere to your glass, tile or tub-dirt just slides off, leaving little to no trace. That means you enjoy:

  • Quick and easy bathroom cleaning
  • No need for noxious cleansers and hazardous chemicals
  • Shiny, glossy finishes that last over the long term
  • Decreased mold, mildew and germs
  • Pristine, protected surfaces that don’t stain or scratch with everyday use
  • Protection from hard water and mineral buildup

Let the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR preserve your beautiful bathroom with the glass surface protectant, Clear Choice surface treatment. We offer an in-person consultation at your home. Contact us today!