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Clear Choice Protectant

The kitchen and bathroom in your home or business contain glass, ceramic and porcelain that have deposits of mineral deposits, soap scum and other sediments. Also, the surface of your tub enclosures and shower door tend to lose their luster because of soap, shampoo and microbes soil the surfaces. The accumulation of these different deposits make it a challenge to clean, leads to discoloration and makes it challenging to return the surface to its original beauty. Glass Doctor of Greeley® protects these exposed surfaces with Clear Choice surface protectant. This surface protectant consists of an incredibly impressive formula that protects a diverse range of surfaces. Clear Choice eliminates the problems associated with cleaning, maintaining and preserving glass and other hard and soft surfaces, and restores the most fragile finishes.

Protect Your Assets

The accumulation of alkaline in hard water creates lime scale, which appears as minute chalky and white mineral deposits. The stains on glass, granite and porcelain surfaces lead to deterioration and damages the appearance of the finish. Our proprietary Clear Choice formula forms a thin barrier that makes treated surfaces oil-resistant and water-repellant. The formula causes water and oil droplet to bead and does not change the appearance of the surface.

Depending on the level of exposure, maintenance and degree of surface abrasion, a single treatment of Clear Choice provides protection, for up to five years, by forming an invisible barrier that guards against a number of problems, including:

  • Hard water
  • Mineral water
  • Weathering
  • Environment

The extremely durable Clear Choice formula works great on tiles, walls, shower doors, sinks, tubs, mirrors, fixtures, shelves, and counter tops. Our surface protectant eases the preservation, enhancement, and cleaning of your glass and other surfaces. Call Glass Doctor of Greeley now to schedule an appointment and see for yourself how our Clear Coat protectant can make cleaning a breeze and restore the shine to a variety of to your surfaces. Whether you need to protect a new surface or an existing one, we can help!

The Advantages of Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Coat helps protect and restore surfaces located throughout your home or business. You can also use this simple and effective surface protectant on specialty panes, glass railings, automotive glass, glass block, marine glass, and outdoor patio furniture. Our product eliminates the need for daily cleaning or the use of aggressive cleaning agents. The many benefits of Clear Choice includes:

  • Prevent water marks and lime scale
  • Fewer bacteria promotes better hygiene
  • Make surfaces in your home scratch resistant
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Save time
  • Prolong lifespan of fixtures and other assets

Clear Choice is completely safe to use in nearly any circumstance. Our non-toxic environmentally friendly product is free from chemicals and will not harm you or your pets. We understand that you work hard to maintain the kitchen and bathroom in your home. Nonetheless, these areas are subjected to dirt, grime and other contaminants because of the heavy traffic.

Contact Glass Doctor of Greeley to learn more about Clear Choice and how we can make the surfaces in your home clean and attractive. Our courteous, uniformed experts will deliver impressive results for all of your commercial and residential glass surface treatment, repair and replacement needs.