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Clear Choice Protectant

Make cleaning the hard surfaces in your home simpler and maintain their brilliance with the Clear ChoiceTM glass treatment from Glass Doctor® of Great Falls. Our proprietary solution forms a protective barrier on glass and other hard surfaces, making them more resistant to scratches, water, oil, pollutants and contaminants. Since the Clear Choice treatment makes it tough for residue and particles to stick to surfaces, your home stays cleaner for a longer period. One application is all you need to prevent hard water stains, soap scum buildup and grime that's difficult to clean, for up to five years. With Clear Choice, you'll spend less money on cleaning products and less time washing surfaces. Use our treatment on shower doors, stone countertops, bathroom tiles, sinks, toilets and glass.

Clear Choice for Your Great Falls Home

With time, acids, minerals and contaminants in water adhere to surfaces, making them look dull and dirty. While there are several products available to eliminate the buildup, they're not always effective. Some cleaning products also etch surfaces and produce harmful fumes.

Clear Choice glass treatment is an environmentally safe solution that you can use in your home, office and vehicle. Since it prevents wearing, water damage, stains, scratches and etching, you won't have to clean as often. When you do clean, you can use products that are safer for your family and the environment. Use Clear Choice on glass and silica-based surfaces for protection that lasts up to five years.

Choose Clear Choice for Exceptional Benefits

  • The glass treatment won't harm the environment
  • Maintain the glossiness and clarity of hard surfaces, such as shower doors and kitchen counters
  • Clean less often
  • Use gentler, environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Surfaces look clean for a longer period
  • Reduce the growth of harmful organisms, like bacteria and mold
  • Make surfaces more resistant to stains, scratches, pollutants and mineral buildups

Clear Choice Glass Treatment Application

A successful Clear Choice application requires the expertise and skills of a specialist from Glass Doctor of Great Falls. When the glass expert applies the treatment in your home, he or she will:

  • Use towels or drop cloths to protect the area
  • Clean, rinse and dry the respective surface to prepare it
  • Use simple tests to ensure the surface is ready
  • Apply one coat of Clear Choice
  • Test the first coat's effectiveness
  • Apply another coat of the glass treatment
  • Wash the protected surface and clean the work area

The specialist will teach you how to maintain the protected surfaces to prolong its effectiveness and durability.

Let the beauty of the hard surfaces in your home shine. Serving Cascade County, Glass Doctor of Great Falls, MT has all the solutions for your glass-related needs. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.