Storefront Doors

Your property’s storefront glass is generally the first thing that your new customers see. Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks will help your business to make a sparkling first impression by providing professional storefront glass care. Our team of glass specialists have access to the resources and training to keep your storefront glass looking great. From storefront door maintenance to engraving and emergency care, Glass Doctor of Grand Forks offers all of the services you’ll need to keep your business secure and visually appealing.

Storefront Doors

Along with performing storefront window and door repair, Glass Doctor of Grand Forks offers a wide range of decorative storefront door options. Our storefront doors are available in fire-resistant and bulletproof models to keep your business safe. Weather resistant glass will help you keep your business protected from the extremes of nature. Your storefront glass can also be customized with your company’s name, address, business hours and more.

Security Film

Applying security film to your existing storefront windows and doors provides an additional layer of protection for your property. Natural light is still allowed to enter, but if broken, your glass will break into large, safe chunks instead of small dangerous shards. Not only does security film protect your storefront from inclement weather, it also deters potential thieves and vandals. Glass Doctor of Grand Forks provides tear-resistant security film that is professionally installed and attractive.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Glass emergencies usually don’t take place at a convenient time. Glass Doctor of Grand Forks will come to your place of business, day or night to secure your property. Our team will then partner with you to schedule a convenient time to complete the repair or replacement process. We will also clean up any broken or damaged glass that was left behind.

Ensure that your business stays secure by relying on commercial storefront glass care from Glass Doctor of Grand Forks. We also offer many additional business-related services for all types of properties. Contact or team to learn more about our commercial storefront glass care and maintenance services.