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Grand Forks

Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks is your trusted, local source for unmatched quality in commercial glass repair and upgrade services. Our team of specialists are trained and experienced in the installation and repair of an array of custom business glass needs including emergency repairs, upgrades and maintenance. Take advantage of our Commercial Care program to enjoy members-only discounts and priority service around-the-clock! Our goal is to ensure the safety, security and visual appeal of your business with exceptional products and customer service.

Glass Care for Grand Forks Businesses

Apartments and Condominiums

Custom glass upgrades and commercial glass repair services both beautify and fortify your complexes, giving your residents added comfort and security. Glass Doctor of Grand Forks offers not only modern, efficient window units and entryway glass, but a range of custom glass solutions used to enhance the safety and atmosphere of a space. Pool and exercise areas often require special safety glass, as do mirrors in shower areas and locker rooms. Ask our specialists about auto glass discounts for your residents.

apartment windows


Ambiance is a key element of a successful restaurant operation. Decorative and tinted glass panes, as well as indoor atriums, lend an inviting touch to your establishment. Glass options such as windbreaks and partition keep your guests comfortable and safe in outdoor dining areas. Our experts are trained to modify and upgrade your food service areas to increase productivity and safety. These specialty glass options include buffet sneeze guards and sliding drive up service windows. Renovations and new glass installations are our specialty!

Schools and Universities

Enhance the learning environment of your educational facilities with efficient classroom windows, doors and specialty panes. Highlight your school’s special achievements with custom display cases and shelves. Specialty science lab and observation office glass make the learning environment safer for students and staff. Fire resistant glass adds an additional layer of security for your school. We also offer a variety of commercial glass repair and upgrade solutions for faculty and student living quarters.


Retail business success is dependent on both visual appeal and safety. Custom glass storefronts and entryways are your impression to the public as well as your first line of security. Our range of custom safety glass and entryway repair services add appeal to your retail store while protecting your customers, staff and merchandise. Draw customer attention to products highlighted in custom glass shelving and display cases. We also provide quality dressing room mirrors.

Hotels and Motels

Excellence in service and repeat customers are the heart of overnight lodging. Decorative glass and mirrors create a comfortable and alluring environment for your guests. Add a touch of sleek style and make cleaning and maintenance simpler for your housekeeping staff by adding custom glass shower doors or tub enclosures to your guest bathrooms. We provide custom safety glass solutions for shower and locker room applications as well.

Cities and Municipalities

Uninterrupted operations are crucial to any local government facility. Glass Doctor of Grand Forks offers energy-efficient, safety rated glass to keep costs low and security intact in each of your public buildings. Our vast selection of specialty glass is available for new construction projects as well as upgrades to your existing facilities. Ask about expedited ordering and our range of commercial glass repair and replacement services today.

No matter your industry, our glass products and services are guaranteed to improve your space. Make an appointment with a specialist today to discuss the best options for your building.