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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with custom glass from Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks. Glass tabletops and custom shelving elevate your room to a designer level, and our high-quality products help preserve your furniture and cut down on cleaning time.

In-Depth Consultation 

You do not have to have the perfect plan in place before you call our glass experts. We offer a professional consultation with established and respected glass specialists who provide suggestions and recommendations for your custom glass decor. Our experts explain the different options available, including sharing information about tint, thickness and edgework detail. We take into consideration any safety concerns such as working with heavy glass or having pets or children in the area. Schedule an in-home consultation to learn about the options that most appeal to you.

Custom Glass Tabletops 

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom tabletops are available in a number of different shapes, sizes and decorative finishes to accommodate all design styles and budgets. Add custom glass tabletops to:

  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Conference room tables
  • End tables
  • Nightstands
  • Writing desks
  • Antique furniture

Custom Glass Tabletop Options

The true benefit of custom glass is that you get exactly what you want. Add these options to protect your investment:

  • Tint: Tinted glass blocks harmful UV rays that cause your furniture to fade over time.
  • Safety glass: Install specialty glass to outdoor pieces, such as patio tables and other poolside decor. Tempered and laminated glass panes are safety glass options designed to protect children and others from potential breakage.

Another ideal characteristic of customized glass is the ability to pick and choose the edge style that you want. Add an edge like a waterfall to add visual appeal to the top. A mitre edge adds a point of interest to the furniture pieces. Use a flat edge or bevel edge for a classic look.

Custom Shelving

Incorporate custom glass into your home organization options with custom shelving. Custom shelving fits just as easily into a business as it does into an intimate setting like your home. Some of the benefits of custom shelving include: 


Custom shelving highlights the unique appearance of the fixture. Use one shelf to add an elegant touch to the space or opt for a glass custom shelf configuration as a focal point in any room. Let your personal style be reflected in your glass shelving.


Custom shelving requires the owner to cut down on clutter since everything is so transparent and visual on a glass shelf. This helps motivate organization on a continuing basis.


Custom shelving is the ideal solution for any home or business. Its applications are limitless. Add custom shelving to the tops of walls to maximize space. Glass shelving in kitchens and living rooms add style and design to your space. Add glass shelves to closets, pantries and storage areas with the assistance of our glass specialists. We measure your space and recommend a number of shelves that takes into consideration the appropriate amount of space that should be placed between each shelf and how to handle storage issues like dealing with oversized items.

Professional Design and Care

Store-bought glass tabletops and shelving simply cannot compare to the custom glass options offered by Glass Doctor of Grand Forks. Contact us today to schedule a free, personalized consultation for your home or business.