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Door Closer Repair Service

When your commercial doors are not functioning properly, customers often become frustrated, which could lead them to shop someplace else. Malfunctioning doors can damage your property and cause serious injuries. While door closers are an important element in the functionality of business doors, they are rarely thought about until problems arise. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks are dedicated to ensuring the safety and functionality of your doors.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers are designed to enable individuals to open doors without much effort, and not have to worry about physically closing them. When a door closer is correctly installed and functioning properly, the user experiences a slight resistance as he or she begins to push or pull the door open. When partially open, the door will glide smoothly so the individual can pass through. Once the user stops applying pressure to the door, a small spring inside the mechanism forces the arm to gently return the door to the closed position.

Door Closer Repair

Regular maintenance and repair of your commercial door closers is vital to the safety and security of your business. If you notice any of the following issues, it is likely time to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

Incorrect Type of Manual Door Closer

Commercial doors vary in weight, size and frequency of use, and door closers are not all created equally. While heavier doors or those with a lot of traffic typically require more durable door closers with stronger springs, those that are lightweight might need a less heavy-duty mechanism. When the incorrect type of door closer is installed, you might experience damage to the door or frame or misaligned doors.

Improper Installation or Adjustment

Always employ the services of an experienced professional to install or adjust your commercial door closer. Proper installation and adjustment maximizes the lifespan of your door closer, prevents damage, and helps ensure the safety of your customers. When a door closer is not properly installed or adjusted, however, it often results in:

  • Damage to the doorframe or door
  • Unexpected movement that could cause injuries
  • Failure to close correctly

Damaged Seals and Lubrication Leaks

Damaged or aged seals are a common issue among business owners. When seals are in disrepair, it often results in exposed hardware, gaps, and lubrication leaks. Since the lubricant in a door closer controls the force with which a door opens or closes, low oil levels pose a significant safety risk and could cause property damage. If you notice damaged or broken seals or leaking lubricant, it is time to call the specialists at Glass Doctor of Grand Forks right away.

Difficulty Locking or Latching

When a door does not lock or latch properly, it could result in damage to the doorframe, the door closer, or the lock.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance

Glass Doctor of Grand Forks offers comprehensive door closer repair and maintenance services to ensure that your customers experience safety and convenience when they enter your store. Call or fill out our online for today, to discuss your door closer needs