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Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks provides home and business owners in the area custom decor to transform simple spaces into beautiful retreats for many years. Custom decor provides an elegant touch that elevates the style of any room. Custom decor gives customers the opportunity to showcase their own unique personality, preferences and tastes. Mirrors achieve important design goals, including making a room seem larger and brighter through their reflective qualities. With the right tools and expertise, our glass specialists cut and install virtually every type of custom mirror and glass surface imaginable.

A Perfect Addition

Custom mirrors are meant to fit into your existing design style seamlessly. The shape of custom mirrors can highlight and mimic other aspects of your home’s architecture, including contours and geometric details. Custom decor also reflects the homeowner’s tastes by incorporating other design aspects. Select tint, edges and finishing options that are similar to your existing decor to help create a uniform design scheme.

Custom Decor and Design Options

Custom mirrors provide a pleasing aesthetic appearance to any room. Some of the design projects our glass experts have completed include:

Creating a Focal Point

Custom mirrors cement a room and provide a focal point for the eye. Include a large mirror over your fireplace or in living room to establish a centerpiece in the room. This adds an impressive touch to your space.

Making an Outdoor Space Cozier

Make your outdoor oasis more appealing with the addition of custom mirrors and other glass surfaces. Guests will feel more comfortable in your outdoor retreat with interior touches. Glass options include tinted glass and glass resistant to UV rays and external environmental exposure.

Creating Mirrored Walls

Add a designer’s touch to your space with a floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall. This design technique makes a large room more impressive or a small room appears much longer.

Adding Sophistication to Kitchens

Mirrored backsplashes, mirrored shelves and cabinets with a mirror face transform a simple kitchen into a designer piece. Adding these elegant touches in unexpected places will increase intrigue in your space and pieces.

Creating or Emphasizing Art

Hang custom mirrors to direct light to your favorite pieces of art. Place mirrored shelves to hold your favorite art pieces on a panoramic display. A series of custom mirrors creates its own artistic expression when grouped in a hallway or stairway.

Providing a Boutique Backdrop

Install full-length custom mirrors in your bedroom, dressing room or bathroom for a full perspective on your appearance before you set off on your busy day. Add mirrored faces to your wardrobe and closet in panels for a sophisticated and modern look.

Upgrading Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of your house in determining resale value. Upgrade your bathroom space by replacing the old medicine cabinets with custom mirrors that tie the whole room together.

Custom Mirrors Design and Installation

If you have an idea on how to incorporate glass mirrors into your space or if you would like help brainstorming ideas, contact Glass Doctor of Grand Forks. Our glass specialists will schedule an in-home consultation to measure the space and offer suggestions on the best locations to place our beautiful custom decor.