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Grand Forks

Custom Glass Solutions

Restore or revamp your glass home decor with timeless and custom options from Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks. Qualified specialists are ready and able to modify glass tabletops, shelves, mirrors and doors. In addition, we will install low-emissivity glass in order to shield your furniture and home decor from UV rays. Our experts are waiting to serve Grand Fork's homes.

Custom Glass Tabletops 

Add a fresh and modern piece to your living room or patio with a custom created glass tabletop. Finished edges will finalize any shape and size you choose. During your free, in-home estimate ask our specialists to assess your current furniture in order to measure and create new pieces or protect items with overlays. Our specialists will discuss edge detail, glass tint, thickness and weight during the consultation. Tinted or coated glass is recommended in order to deflect UV rays from your furniture. Choose tempered or laminated glass for a safer glass option in the event the glass breaks or shatters.

Personalized Mirrors

Specially made mirrors provide your home with pizzazz. Yet, flair isn’t the only thing they offer. These pieces are versatile, choose to highlight a room with mirrored decor, enlarge cozy nooks or improve natural lighting. Our specialists will assist you in selecting the perfect personalized mirrors for your space.

Door Restoration and Renovation

Doors are a high-traffic fixture in your home, so high-quality glass is a must. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Grand Forks provides advanced door glass to replace or update doorways. Choose from a variety of door glass, including double-pane windows with sliding blinds and laminated glass. Remember, style and safety don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our experts will also overhaul entryways and install coordinating side window panes to elegantly border your front door.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows were designed to prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating glass without reducing an excessive amount of transmitted light. The reflective property of Low-E coats has since become popular in both residential and commercial buildings due to their cost-effectiveness and protection. Windows will experience an increase in the insulation applications, making climate control easier. In addition, your carpet, furniture and home decor won’t appear washed out from soaking up the sun. Contact a Glass Doctor of Grand Forks specialist to find out more about the advantages of low-emissivity glass.

Learn how to improve your home’s comfort and appearance from a Glass Doctor of Grand Forks specialist today. We pledge to deliver quality service and workmanship. Consult our team over the phone or complete an online service request today!