Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ is an ideal protection method for bathroom surfaces. In addition to offering glass treatment for shower doors and tub enclosures, it may be used to treat sinks, toilets, windows and countertops. Many people dread cleaning their bathroom surfaces because it often involves spending hours on hands and knees scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Clear Choice makes surfaces more water and oil repellent so less soap scum, hard water and waste products get stuck on your home's surfaces. This process significantly decreases the amount of time you have to spend cleaning to keep every surface looking its best.

Protect Your Investment

Bathroom renovations or updates are expensive. After you've spent thousands of dollars on new tile, glass, porcelain or granite in your bathroom, you want it to last for decades. Adding Clear Choice glass treatment goes a long way toward protecting these surfaces. Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks specialists only need to administer one application of Clear Choice to make surfaces stain, water and scratch resistant as well as easier to clean. A single application may last up to five years. Clear Choice creates an ultra smooth barrier against mineral deposits, hard water, weathering and environmental pollutants.

Benefits of Clear Choice

A Clear Choice glass treatment is critical for restoring, maintaining and protecting a vast range of home surfaces. When bathroom surfaces are more repellent to water and oil, you reap a variety of benefits:

  • Reduced bacteria and mold growth
  • Less frequent cleaning
  • Hard water etching prevention
  • High level of resistance to scratching, staining and other impact
  • Shinier surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly

Whether you're undergoing a complete renovation of your Grand Forks home or you're simply updating a few key areas, ask about Clear Choice for your new shower door or tub enclosure. Clear Choice also does wonders to restore the original condition of older home features. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Grand Forks. To get started, fill out our online request form or call 701-354-4140.