Advance Measurement System

When you're prepared for a problem, it becomes easy to deal with. The Glass Doctor® of Grand Forks Advance Measurement system fully prepares you for sudden glass breakage and the problems it causes.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Disaster Recovery

Advance Measurement prepares your business for a disaster. As a part of the Advance Measurement system, one of our glass specialists will make a personal visit to your location and map every single glass fixture on-site. Each piece of glass will be numbered for easy reference. Instead of worrying about trying to figure out how to organize the restoration of any broken glass, all you need to do is call Glass Doctor of Grand Forks and provide reference numbers. Our glass specialists will handle the rest of your glass restoration needs while you focus on recovering your business.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Under normal circumstances, an emergency glass repair will require two trips. The first trip will be taken to restore the safety of the area around your broken glass fixture. We will clean up glass shards and your fixture will be boarded up. After the board-up, a specialist determines what type of glass is needed to repair the unit. On the second trip, we bring everything needed to fully repair your glass fixture. Advance Measurement allows you to get your glass repaired in a single trip. We use the reference information attached to your damaged glass fixture in order to tell us exactly what has been broken. This allows our glass specialists to bring exactly what you need the first time around. Avoiding an board-up also allows you to preserve your company's pristine image.

Lower Repair Costs

Because your glass specialist will only need to make a single trip to fully complete your glass repair, you won't have to pay for a second service. This will provide you with significant savings for your glass repair service.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass that is likely to break, then you should take advantage of our in-stock options. With this, we will keep glass in stock just for your company. This guarantees you will always have the exact glass pieces that you need to restore your business.

Prepare with Professionals

Make glass restoration easy with Advance Measurement. Contact Glass Doctor of Grand Forks today to get your Advance Measurement system set up!