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Grand Blanc, MI

Clear Choice Protectant

Keeping your bathroom sparkling clean is hard work and often requires the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. However, there is a way to avoid difficult-to-remove stains in your home entirely, apply Clear Choice™ from Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI, to any granite, tile or glass surface.

How Clear Choice Works

If you’ve just had a bathroom remodel or have recently added a new feature you want to protect, such as a tub enclosure or shower door, you will want to protect your investment. Clear Choice is a glass protectant that also works on porcelain, granite, and tile, providing a barrier against mineral deposits and environmental pollutants to keep surfaces safe from scratches and other damage.

Clear Choice makes most surfaces water- and oil-repellant, reducing the buildup of soap and dirt while stopping hard water from leaving marks. A single application of the glass protectant lasts up to five years and improves the appearance of everything from toilets and sinks to mirrors and windows. To use Clear Choice in your home, simply contact us at Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, and one of our specialists will apply the product to your surfaces.

Benefits of Our Glass Protectant

When you opt for Clear Choice in your bathroom, you will be able to clean less frequently, you will notice a lack of mold and bacteria, and your surfaces will have a smooth, glossy appearance that improves aesthetics. The protectant is environmentally friendly; it also leads to fewer cleanings and a reduced need for harmful products.

You can request an application of Clear Choice when you install a new shower door in your bathroom or request a specialist stop by to start your protection today. Call us at Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, to discuss how you could benefit from the glass protectant and to receive a free in-home consultation.