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Custom Glass Solutions

Nothing raises your home's value like modern glass decor. Glass Doctor® of Granbury, TX provides custom glass solutions like French door panes, tabletops, mirrors and shelves. With our low-emissivity (Low-E) options, our glass will protect your home from dangerous UV radiation. We partner with many vendors to give you a wider range of custom glass solutions from which to choose, and to minimize the wait times for your new door, tabletop or other glass decor.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

We cut glass tabletops for new or existing furniture into any shape. Our glass specialists will arrive at your home prepared to discuss edging, tinting, and thickness of glass type options. Choose to have your custom tables or shelves made or and laminated or tempered options for households with children. Our glass tabletops don't just protect your antique pieces from scratches and spills. With coated or tinted glass, your tabletop will protect the underlying wood from UV-induced fading.

Granbury homeowners hoping to create a more modern aesthetic can install glass shelves. We measure and custom design pieces for every room. Glass shelves look great in bathrooms or kitchens.

Custom Mirrors

A well-placed mirror increases the amount of light in the room, and tricks the eye so the room appears more spacious. Our specialists will help you select a mirror that perfectly complements your home's existing decor.

Patio and French Doors

We replace and upgrade broken door glass, whether you need a renovated entryway, an upgraded doorlite or new matching side windows to flank your front door. Our custom glass solutions will greatly increase the quality of your doors. Energy-efficient glass and double-pane windows, for instance, will increase your door's natural insulating properties, reducing your energy bills over time. Hurricane-rated laminated glass is less likely to cause injury if it breaks in a storm or due to an accident.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E windows are specially treated with a thin metallic coating that greatly cuts down on the transmission of harmful UV rays, while only filtering out about 10% of visible light. This decreases the amount of sun damage to your home, and prevents unsightly fading of fabrics like carpets, couches, drapes and other home decor.

The unique properties of Low-E glass also decrease the amount of heat that enters the room. This makes it easier to control the climate in your home, and decreases your energy costs. Installation of Low-E glass can greatly increase your home's value, and our glass specialists will walk you through every step of your window upgrade.

Don't delay that renovation! Contact us today for a more attractive, energy-efficient home.