Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ keeps every surface looking its best for years to come and saves you hours of back-breaking work along the way. This special protective coating system is ideal for any bathroom surface, including glass shower doors and tub enclosures, sinks, countertops, toilets, and windows. This special surface treatment was developed for Glass Doctor® of Granbury, TX by Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) to make household surfaces more water and oil repellant. This means that instead of sticking to countertops and other surfaces, dirt, grime, and mineral deposits slide off easily, similar to the way in which food slides off of a non-stick cooking pan.

A single application of Clear Choice surface treatment by Glass Doctor of Granbury, TX specialists provides long-lasting results. Any silica-based surface, which includes glass, granite, porcelain and tile, will benefit from an application of Clear Choice. From the bathroom to the kitchen, it makes your home look more clean and beautiful and saves you hours of hard work.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Whether you're having new windows or a new glass tub and shower enclosure installed, or you'd like to protect and beautify your existing surfaces, Clear Choice offers the following advantages:

  • Gives long-lasting results: A single professional application performed by one of our specialists lasts for up to five years.
  • Makes cleaning easier and less frequent: Since Clear Choice helps make surfaces resistant to dirt, grime, minerals, and other types of buildup, you'll find that you won't have to clean as often. And when you do clean, you won't have to work as hard.
  • Reduces mold and bacteria: Mold and bacteria frequently form in the hot, humid environment of a bathroom, but Clear Choice makes them less likely.
  • Protects the environment as well as your family: Breathing in harsh cleansers and exposing your skin to them isn't good for you or the environment. Unlike harsh cleansers, Clear Choice is environmentally friendly.
  • Improve the appearance of your surfaces: Clear Choice protects your surfaces against stains, scratches, impacts, and hard water etching. It makes surfaces look glossy and lets them avoid the dull appearance that usually occurs over time.

Schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Granbury, TX to protect your household surfaces and save yourself hours of backbreaking cleaning with Clear Choice surface treatment!