Door Closer Repair Service

Door Closer Repair Service | Glass Doctor of Grand Junction Exceptional business owners pay attention to the smallest detail. They take great pride in their business and want to present the best impression to their customers. A customer's experience begins and ends at the door, making door closer repair a high priority for business owners who want the customers to leave with a solid opinion about the business. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Grand Junction complete all types of door closer repair services and offer maintenance care.

Function of Door Closers

Many business owners install manual door closers. These devices allow customers to easily open the door without having to physically close it. When a customer opens a door with a manual door closer, he or she will feel some resistance as the weight impacts the motion of opening the door. After a moment, the door will smoothly glide open. Once the customer stops applying resistance, the door closer's spring is activated, causing the door to slowly return to the door frame.

Common Reasons for Door Closer Repair Services

Door closer repair may be necessary, reach out to our team for expert care.

The Incorrect Type of Door Closer Is Installed

If someone is not familiar with the proper use of manual door closers, he or she may install the incorrect type of door closer. The right door closer is necessary to prevent safety risks such as the door suddenly closing on a customer. Additionally, incorrect door closer installation can result in the following:

  • Misalignment
  • Damage to the closer
  • Damage to the door

Improperly Installed Door Closers

Our glass specialists utilize the appropriate tools to properly install door closers and adjust the spring. This attention to detail helps to prevent misalignment and unexpected door movements.

Seal Repairs or Low Oil Levels

Broken seals can cause lubricant leaks. Oil leaks may occur because of a failed seal, missing screw or a broken O-ring. A professional should always replace the door closer oil to prevent injury to customers and the door.

Difficulty Locking the Door

Doors that are difficult to lock may leave the building exposed to would-be criminals. Securing your business is a must for any establishment.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Many door closers are under a warranty that can be voided by having an untrained person attempt to make repairs on them. It is far better to have a professional glass expert who has the necessary knowledge, experience and resources perform the repairs and to complete maintenance on door closers. If you would like more information about our door closer repair services, contact a glass specialist at Glass Doctor of Grand Junction. We also repair broken glass, doorframes, hinges and other hardware.