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Door Closer Repair Service

The customer service experience that you deliver will transform a casual shopper into a loyal customer. Every customer's experience begins the moment that they walk through your doors. No matter how great your store looks on the inside, an improperly functioning door will disrupt a person's experience at your business. Glass Doctor® of Fredericksburg will provide you with the door closer repair, maintenance and installation services that you need. This will allow you to ensure your doors contribute to your customers' experience by working flawlessly.

How Door Closers Work

A door closer makes entering and exiting your store easy by controlling the door itself. When a customer opens a door, they will feel its weight, but still be able to smoothly and easily push the door open. Once your customer releases the door, the door closer will activate a spring mechanism that slowly closes the door.

Door Closer Repair

A malfunctioning door closer will disrupt the smooth experience, and it can also create safety hazards and damage to the door itself. If your door closer is not operating properly, then you can count on Glass Doctor of Fredericksburg to fix it.

To ensure you're never left without recourse, our repair services are comprehensive. If you have a damaged door closer that has already caused significant damage count on us to repair everything from the glass panes in your door to the door closer itself.

Common Causes of Door Closer Damage

  • Improper door closer installation
  • Door frame damage
  • Unusual shifts in the door
  • Misalignments

Signs Your Door Closer Needs Repairs

In most cases, you can identify the need for a door closer repair on your own. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the following:

Difficult to Lock Door

A door that is difficult to lock is not totally secure, even after you have turned the key. A damaged door closer will throw the lock's functionality off.

Broken Seals

A broken seal is often identified by oil leaks and missing or broken pieces. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should get door closer care service before the damage gets worse.

Door Closer Maintenance

You can prevent the need for any door closer repairs. Protect your business with preemptive door closer care. Routine maintenance will help you prevent the major issues that cause door closer damage. It is critical that you have a professional complete all of your door closer maintenance. If an untrained handyman attempts repairs, it will likely damage your door closer and void your warranty.

Door Closer Installation

If you would like to install a new door closer, Glass Doctor of Fredericksburg is prepared to meet your needs. Our glass specialists will expertly install your brand new door closer. After the installation is complete, you have the option of setting up a maintenance schedule for your long-term door closer care needs.

Keep Your Doors Working Smoothly

Enhance your customer's impression of you by offering a great experience from the beginning. Make sure every experience goes the way it should by investing in and maintaining door closers for all of your entryways. Make an appointment to receive an exact price quote today!