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Custom Mirrors

When you incorporate custom mirror decor into your existing design scheme, you’ll see surprising results. Mirrored surfaces are versatile; they add simple, functional elegance to any room. Glass Doctor® of Fredericksburg gives you creative control of your custom mirror choices. We know how to install mirrors so natural light is dispersed in dark spaces. Ask our team to add mesmerizing focal points to your lackluster walls. We offer a variety of options to customize your mirrors the way you choose. Our glass specialists consult with you, guide your selection and work with you to make the design process easy.

Creative Design Choices

Mirrors add depth. They create an illusion of space and change your decor in dramatic ways; brighten dark corners and hallways and add functional creative touches throughout your home. Glass Doctor of Fredericksburg is excited to share our custom mirror concepts. We can provide a single uniquely customized hanging mirror or fill an empty wall with a beautiful arrangement of custom mirrors, mirrored shelves and display cases. We believe the variety of choices will inspire your imagination. Use your mirrors to:

  • Create a dynamic focal point
  • Establish a backdrop for your collectibles
  • Add space with fully mirrored surfaces
  • Bring illumination into a dull, dark room

Accentuate Art and Collectibles

Our custom mirror options let you organize and showcase your collectibles and crafts in beautiful new ways. When placed among your favorite two-dimensional works, mirrors attract the eye and showcase your love of art. We cater to your artistic side with mirrored shelves and custom mirror display cases that have the dimensions, shapes and edge treatments you prefer.

Capture Natural Light

Mirrors work wonders with natural light. They reflect illumination and spread it throughout a foyer, a hallway or an entire room. We give you mirror options that allow you to decide how best to capture light and bring it into your home. We create mirrored surfaces for functional tabletops, kitchen backsplashes, bedroom walls and other areas in your home. Customize any piece's with the weight, edge, shape and tint that gives you the right look to enhance your interior spaces.

Transform Your Home

Custom mirrors add new life to bathrooms and bedrooms. They also give you options for sharing your style in every room or interior space. We begin your decor transformation by consulting with you in your home. We discuss your design ideas and offer mirror decor concepts to fit your life and style.

  • Full length mirrors to elegantly transform aging closet doors.
  • Foyer mirrors to give guests a glimpse as they enter.
  • Framed wall mirrors to add light and life to a room.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors to provide a 360° view as you prepare for your day.

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation

When you’re ready to transform your home with custom mirrors, Glass Doctor of Fredericksburg makes it simple. Schedule your free consultation online or by phone at 540-834-4560.