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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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When Glass Doctor® of Fort Worth Metroplex repairs your windshield, we focus on the structural integrity of the windshield and the clarity of the glass. In replacing windshields, we adhere to the high standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). Our number one priority is always the safety of you and your vehicle.

We guarantee our glass specialists' work; choose from several different windshield replacement plans. Our basic coverage comes with the replacement of any windshield, but choose to upgrade to a plan with greater protection.

Coverage Guidelines

All of our plans offer 12 months of coverage for your windshield, and protect it from normal road hazards. They do not cover vandalism, car accidents or other collisions, fraud, or acts of God. Unfortunately, we don't cover certain large vehicles, such as Class A motor coaches, class 7 or 8 heavy-duty trucks, or most buses.

When reporting your claim, contact the original Glass Doctor location that installed your windshield. You can have your repair or replacement done at any Glass Doctor location.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Plans

Any windshield replacement through Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex comes with a free G12® Road Hazard Guarantee. This plan covers the cost of glass for one full windshield replacement within 12 months, or unlimited repairs. We always prefer to do repairs rather than replacements, due to lower costs and decreased strain on the environment. It also does not void the remainder of your G12 Road Hazard Guarantee coverage.

The G12 Road Hazard Guarantee does not cover labor costs, or the cost of the materials used in installation. For an additional charge, our G12 Future Installation Option adds coverage of labor and installation materials onto the Road Hazard Guarantee. The G12 Future Installation Option essentially covers all repair and replacement costs.

The G12 Value Package is our most complete windshield replacement guarantee plan. In addition to what's covered by the G12 Future Installation Option, it provides new wiper blades and a treatment with Clear Choice™ glass protectant. Clear Choice is a thin, clear layer applied to the windshield. It helps the windshield resist scratching, and accumulation of dust, dirt, and environmental pollutants. The result is a cleaner, clearer windshield, particularly during inclement weather.

Some exclusions may apply.