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Clear Choice Protectant

Treat your panes right, and save time and money with Clear Choice™ glass treatment. Don’t spend hours of unnecessary scrubbing to keep your bathroom glass and surfaces sparkling. Glass Doctor® of Fort Collins is the answer to keeping your bathroom looking like the spa you envision.

Protect Your Glass Investment

You spent time and money creating the home you always wanted. Glass shower enclosures, beautiful tile, porcelain and granite are featured throughout your home. A quick visit from Glass Doctor of Fort Collins will make sure that scratches, stains and hard water etching don’t turn your dream into a nightmare.

Clear Choice glass protectant isn’t just for glass. It bonds with any silica-based surface to create a shield that makes glass, granite, porcelain and tile more water and oil resistant. The smooth barrier protects surfaces from a variety of damage:

  • Hard Water: The deposits in hard water not only look unsightly, they damage the surfaces they rest upon. Hard water will leave the surface cloudy and etched, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
  • Mineral Deposits: Lime and other minerals in water latch onto imperfections in bathroom surfaces creating unsightly stains that are difficult to remove even with special cleaners.
  • Environmental Pollutants: Other pollutants in air and water can build up on home surfaces leaving filmy grunge all over your house.
  • Weathering: Water, friction and normal wear and tear all wear down even the hardest surfaces over time.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice is a clear bargain for homeowners looking to restore or protect their time, health and home. A single application lasts up to five years, and provides:

  • Less time spent cleaning and more time spent relaxing as surfaces resist buildup
  • Less mold and bacteria to cause illness, funny smells and unsightly stains
  • Clearer, shinier surfaces that resist stains, scratches, etching and even impact damage

Call Glass Doctor of Fort Collins today to treat your home to a surface and glass treatment.