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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Every day, windshields are cracked or damaged due to accidents, debris or storms. In some cases, windshield replacement is necessary, while in other cases, windshield chip repair can take care of the problem. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Forney and Waxahachie can inspect your vehicle to determine which remedy will provide the safest and most effective option for you.

Factors to Consider for Windshield Repair

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie are conscientious and will provide you and your vehicle with the special attention you deserve. Your consultation will begin with a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Our experts will assess the size and scope of the damage. In most cases, if the chip is larger than 3/8-inch or if a crack is longer than three inches, windshield replacement is usually required. Another consideration is the location of the damage. If the damage has been spreading over time or it impedes your ability to see the roadway, windshield replacement is usually recommended.

Glass Doctor® of Forney and Waxahachie works with insurance companies and handles the insurance filing for its clients. However, our experts recommend you first contact your insurance carrier to ensure you have the coverage necessary for the windshield chip repair or windshield replacement.

Windshield Chip Repair: Facts and Benefits

Windshield chip repair provides a number of benefits over replacement when only a repair is necessary. If windshield replacement is not necessary for safety or other reasons, our experts will recommend windshield chip repair for several reasons. First, this option is much more convenient because the time to make the repair is significantly less than the time necessary to replace the entire windshield. Once you set up an appointment for windshield chip repair, we may have your vehicle ready within one hour. Additionally, the cost to you may be much less than the cost of windshield replacement. Your insurance company may cover the entire cost, depending on your coverage. Windshield chip repair also prevents your windshield from being disposed of in a landfill. The repair stops chips and cracks from spreading and causing further damage to your windshield, so windshield chip repair is a great solution for most damage.

The process of repairing chips begins with our specialists removing any debris or particles located in the chipped or damaged location. They then drill a small hole in the impacted area so there is a clear passage for our repair resin. This resin attaches to the glass surface and is then polished clean by our specialists for a finished look.

Windshield Replacement Process

It is critical your windshield provides you with the greatest degree of protection in case of an accident. When you require windshield repair, our specialists will take the care necessary to safely replace your windshield following these steps:

  • They remove the old windshield in a precise manner to avoid causing any damage to the other vehicle surfaces.
  • A matching windshield of the same quality as the old windshield is selected.
  • Our specialists use adhesives and principles adopted by the Auto Glass Safety Council™.
  • Our specialists make any repairs if you sustain any chips or cracks to your new windshield within 12 months as part of our G12®Road Hazard Guarantee.

Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie put their expertise to use by repairing or replacing your windshield. Call us today at 469-703-8202 to learn more. Cracks that are not repaired make your windshield vulnerable to further breakage in the event of an accident or contact with other debris. Don't place you and the other occupants of your vehicle at risk. Contact our specialists today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle!