G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

When Glass Doctor® of Forney and Waxahachie performs your windshield replacement, your safety is our number one concern. We understand your windshield is key to your visual clarity and your vehicle’s overall structural integrity. That’s why we use quality replacement parts and comply with rigorous standards established by the Auto Safety Glass Council (AGSC). Our professionals take care to restore your windshield the right way because your safety depends on it. When we finish the job, our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee continues to keep you safe.

G12 Road Hazard Guarantee

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When we replace your windshield and it's damaged by a road hazard within 12 months, Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie will restore it free of charge under the terms and conditions of our G12 Road Hazard Guarantee.

  • Your vehicle is entitled to a single windshield replacement during the 12 month guarantee period.
  • You must have the work performed at the Glass Doctor location where the original windshield replacement was completed.
  • G12 Guarantee claims must be presented before the guarantee expires.
  • We guarantee damage caused by road hazards only.
  • We may choose the option to repair your windshield if repairs can safely restore your vehicle.
  • If we choose to repair your windshield, your coverage continues for the remainder of the guarantee period.
  • The G12 Guarantee covers glass only and does not include costs for labor, kit, molding, or clips.

G12 Optional Guarantee Upgrades

Our G12 Road Hazard Guarantee is a basic hazard protection plan that works well for many vehicle owners. If you need additional coverage, we offer these optional upgrades.

G12 Future Installation Option

For an additional charge, the G12 Future Installation Option pays to replace your windshield plus the costs of labor, installation and materials not covered by our basic G12 Road Hazard Guarantee.

G12 Value Package

The G12 Value Package delivers the same coverage as our Future Installation Option package, but adds to your glass services. You also receive a new pair of wiper blades and Clear Choice glass protectant. A single application maintains windshield clarity during inclement weather, provides scratch resistance and protects your windshield from damaging contaminants.

Guarantee Exclusions

Every guarantee provide coverage for damages due to road hazards only. Our guarantees do not cover damage as a result of a collision, vandalism, intentional act, fraud or an act of God. We will not cover the cost of windshield damage to Class A motor coaches, buses, or Class 7 or 8 heavy duty trucks.

We Value your Safety

Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie is proud to offer our G12 guarantees. We provide these important protection plans because we know that a well-maintained windshield is crucial to your safety on the road. For more information, contact us at 469-703-8202.

Some exclusions may apply.