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Forney and Waxahachie

Custom Mirrors

When you think about glass in your home, it’s easy to focus on windows and doorways, but custom glass mirrors and other glass fixtures from Glass Doctor® of Forney and Waxahachie can elevate your home’s interior and give your space a unique look. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Forney are experts in custom glass creation, and we can bring our experience to your project, ultimately enhancing your home decor. Trust our team to use mirrors to benefit any space.

Key Benefits of Custom Mirrors

Bringing Out Natural Light

Natural light in your home not only decreases your utility costs, but also has a positive effect on mood and temperament. Custom mirrors and glass fixtures amplify the natural light entering your home during the day and improves the artificial light in the evening. At Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie, we utilize light with many of our creations.

  • Living room and hallway: Strategically placed custom mirrors throw light down dark hallways and into the corners of your rooms, reducing dependence on overhead lights.
  • Bedroom: Wake up refreshed in a room full of natural sunlight magnified and reflected off of your beautiful custom mirrors.

Enhancing Existing Space

One of the first rules of interior design is to create the illusion of greater space in small rooms. Even the smallest room can be given the illusion of space through the use of mirrors or high ceilings, creating a warm and inviting home for your family or guests. During your in-home consultations with a Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie specialist, we will determine how to best integrate our custom glass mirrors into your rooms to create the desired effect. Some of our most popular mirrors include:

  • Centerpiece: These mirrors hang over your fireplace or bed and reflect a panoramic view of your decor from almost any spot in the room.
  • Backsplash: Kitchens tend to suffer from the cramping effect more than most other rooms in your home. A mirrored backsplash makes the kitchen look wider and deeper than it is in reality.
  • Walls: Mirrored walls have been used by Hollywood for decades to create long, beautiful hallway shots in movies. A well placed mirror can make your halls feel like they extend for miles.

Showcasing Your Belongings

Custom glass in your home isn’t limited to mirrors, windows and doors; we can also create custom glass fixtures that showcase your prized possessions.

  • Glass Tabletop: Use a glass top on a coffee table and transform the table into a display case or conversation piece.
  • Glass Shelving: Glass shelves with a mirrored backdrop are a sleek and sophisticated way to draw attention to pieces of art, trophies or collectibles.

Making Over Your Mirrors

A floor-length mirror is the perfect addition to your bedroom or bathroom to make sure you always look your best before you head outside. Our specialists design custom mirrors that blend in seamlessly with your other decor, and are certain to be the envy of all who see them.

We cultivate relationships with our clients to deliver custom glass creations that they love and fit their vision. Contact us to schedule your consultation or to learn more about our custom glass projects.