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Forney and Waxahachie

Advance Measurement System

At Glass Doctor® of Forney and Waxahachie, we realize successful business owners prefer to be proactive and prepared, instead of reacting to occurrences like a broken glass emergency. Our Advance Measurement system was designed for businesses in need of reliable glass care. Our method ensures speedy repairs if glass suddenly breaks due to rough weather, an accident or break-in at your business location.

Immediate Emergency Glass Repair

Advance Measurement is a professional measurement and mapping service that provides you with a diagram of your property’s glass needs. Our specialists will note the type and size of all the glass in use at your business. We’ll also keep a copy on file at Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie, so when your need arises we are able to quickly reference your specific pane requirements.

If glass breaks at your business, notify the Glass Doctor of Forney team no matter the hour. Tell us the number from the diagram corresponding to the broken glass at your office or shop. We’ll refer to our copy, pull the proper replacement glass from our stock and rush to your location. If your specialty glass is not in stock, we’ll supply a sturdy professional board-up and place a priority order with our supplier. If humanly possible, however, we complete your glass installation in a single visit to save you time and money. To further streamline the emergency repair process, authorize Glass Doctor of Forney to pre-qualify your credit.

In-Stock Program

Guarantee that your unique, uncommon or frequently needed glass is always in stock for emergency needs by participating in our In-Stock program. This eliminates the potential need for a board-up. Sign up for this service and Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie will pre-order your glass, keeping it in stock for your emergency glass replacement needs.

Advantages of Proactive Glass Care with Advance Measurement

  • One-trip glass replacement saves you time
  • Fastest possible response avoids downtime and lost business
  • Enabling immediate repairs reduces potential customer or employee injuries and associated business liability
  • New, perfectly fitting glass quickly reestablishes business security, preventing further property damage or theft
  • Skipping the board-up step after a shattered-glass emergency keeps your business looking its best
  • Pre-establishing credit streamlines your post-emergency to-do list

Keep your business in business, even after a broken glass emergency, with proactive glass care from the Advance Measurement program at Glass Doctor of Forney and Waxahachie. Call to schedule the service today.